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Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Obama Kush Autoflowering

Harlequin CBDKosher Kush FeminizedObama Kush Autoflowering
Flowering Time50-60 days60-70 days50-60 days

Is weed legal?

You bet it is! Back in May of 2019, the Illinois state House and Senate voted to approved a bill known as the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, which like the name suggests, called for the establishment of a safe.taxed and regulated legal marijuana industry within the state, as well as the total decriminalization of recreational marijuana. One month after it’s approval, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed this bill into law, and it officially came into effect at the beginning of 2020. Thus, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize marijuana.

While 11 may seem like a minuscule figure, it’s worth totally taking stock of things here. The country has been facing almost 100 years of federal marijuana prohibition, which itself has resulted in generations of women and women being unfairly prosecuted and oppressed by the government. Nothing can undo that tragedy, but some solace can be taken in the fact that in just the last eight years, 22% of all US states have legalized marijuana. That seems like a huge wave of momentum, and a great sign of changes to come.


What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the naturally-occurring chemical compounds that can be found in any cannabis plant. If marijuana is to be considered a drug, then the cannabinoids are essentially the active ingredients. When ingested, they can have a number of different effects on human physiology. 

For example, when tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is introduced to the system, it creates a psychoactive stimulation in the user that colloquially has been termed the ‘high’ effect. This is why recreational users often look for strains that have large amounts of THC, as this usually indicates a stronger ‘high’. For some great recreational strains with formidable levels of THC, have a look at these options:

And as always many more strains like these can be found in our store. Yes, it is a perfect time to buy marijuana seeds in Round Lake Beach.

I really love that I found your website, now I have a reliable source of pot seeds. Growing my own weed has long been a hobby of mine, even better that it’s legal now!
Regina K., Round Lake Beach, IL