How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Richmond Online

Want to buy marijuana seeds in Richmond? Not sure how to get started? As the number one marijuana seed bank in North America, Pacific Seed Bank is your source for high quality cannabis seeds. All of our fully feminized marijuana seeds are sourced from our community of expert growers and are completely ungerminated. We’ve got hundreds of strains of marijuana seeds in our online inventory for you to choose from, including all of your favorite indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. There’s something for everyone in our catalog. Order your marijuana seeds online today for lightning fast delivery right to your door.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Skunk No. 1 Feminized

Northern Lights FeminizedMango Kush AutofloweringSkunk No. 1 Feminized
THC Level19%15%22%
Flowering Time50-60 days40-60 days60-70 days

Top Selling Kush Weed Seeds

One of the most popular strains in the world, Kush cannabis plants are known for their super relaxing effects and meditative qualities. Originating in the Hindu Kush mountain range in central Asia, Kush first appeared in the United States in the 1970s and its popularity has escalated since then, as growers combined and cross bred Kush plants with other strains. We carry dozens of Kush seeds in our online inventory, including favorites like

  • Power Kush Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds
  • Platinum Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Birthday Cake Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Bubblegum Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Jedi Kush Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Want to get these great Kush weed seeds delivered to your door? Simply order online through our secure server, and we’ll ship them to you in as little as five days. Shop now to get started!


Can I Legally Grow Marijuana in Richmond Indiana?

Unfortunately, marijuana still remains largely prohibited in Richmond. Neither recreational nor medicinal marijuana use is allowed, although Medical CBD can be used by qualifying patients with a prescription. Industrial hemp can be cultivated for commercial use and sale. Hemp is becoming a growing industrial commodity in the United States again, after nearly disappearing from farms across the country after marijuana prohibition began in the early 20th century. Even though you can’t grow marijuana, you can still legally buy ungerminated marijuana seeds, as they’re considered novelty items only. 

Order 707 Headband Marijuana Seeds Online

This Humboldt County native strain is a great example of a balanced hybrid, with a slight indica dominance in its 60/ 40 split. 707 Headband Feminized Marijuana Seeds have a considerably high THC level of 22%, so they are one of the stronger strains in our inventory. This hybrid strain has balanced effects of creativity, relaxation, and energetic feelings, so it can be used to address everything from anxiety to nausea. These marijuana plants grow a little more slowly than others, typically flowering around 60- 70 days after germination, but produce a hefty amount of cannabis buds- up to 1,000 grams per plant. These buds will have an earthy, piney aroma with a hint of citrus. Order your 707 Headband marijuana seeds online now!

Indiana’s Best Marijuana Seed Bank

It’s easy to get marijuana seeds delivered when you order online from Pacific Seed Bank. We’ve got plenty of seeds to choose from, and helpful customer service standing by to assist you with your order. Shop now to see what makes us the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Richmond.

These guys have got so many autoflowering strains. I didn’t expect to have so many choices. Excited to try so many new seeds!
Phillip J., Richmond, IN