Marijuana Seed Delivery to West Lafayette

Get marijuana seeds delivered to West Lafayette today! Pacific Seed Bank is home to hundreds of marijuana strains, including sativas, indicas and hybrids. Our seeds are fully feminized and include many autoflowering varieties, making it easy to get started with your growing hobby. Our digital shelves are stocked with the seeds you need, all tested for authentic genetics and backed by our 90% Germination Guarantee. Browse our website for the best growing tips and seed information, before placing your order using our secure check-out process. We hand-package all orders, ensuring that only quality seeds make their way to you. And if ever you should have any questions, our friendly customer service team is only a phone call or email away. Buy marijuana seeds in West Lafayette today and experience why we are America’s premiere online seed bank.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Blue Mango Autoflowering

Alaskan Thunder Fuck FeminizedBlue Mango AutofloweringEwok Feminized
Flowering Time55-65 days50-60 days55-65 days

Can I Smoke Marijuana in West Lafayette?

Unfortunately it is illegal to smoke marijuana in Indiana for both medical and recreational purposes. While other states have expanded their drug laws to cover marijuana legalization, this is not the case in the Hoosier State, which has one of the most stringent anti-marijuana policies. Possession of even small amounts is considered a crime home growing is not currently legal. That being said, it is still legal to purchase marijuana seeds from places like Pacific Seed Bank. Under federal regulations, ungerminated marijuana seeds can be bought and sold across the country, as they are classified as collector’s items. Our marijuana seeds store excellently and can stay fresh for years if stored correctly. In the meantime, help change Indiana’s marijuana laws by getting out and voting or contacting your local lawmakers. 


THC and CBD — What’s the Difference?

THC and CBD are both chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, that occur in marijuana leaves and are responsible for providing the majority of the plant’s recreational and medical effects. Cannabinoids mimic neurotransmitters that are produced by our own bodies, which is why they react so readily with our endocannabinoid system. THC binds with receptors throughout the brain and body, while CBD encourages more active uptake of existing molecules. This may be one of the reasons that CBD is not psychoactive, like THC. THC’s popularity comes from its hallucinogenic property. High doses can deliver euphoric effects and boost mood and sociability. On the other hand, CBD provides feelings of relaxation without the trippy high feeling. This is why it can be popular with patients and physicians, as it has little to no negative side effects.

The Best Citrus Weed Seeds to Try Now

Bursting with flavor, citrus weed seeds are capturing many people’s attention. With familiar scents like grapefruit, lemon, lime, and orange there are a variety of aromas to sample. Marijuana strains can smell like lemon due to the presence of limonene, a terpene that’s responsible for the aroma of citrus fruits. Limonene is proven to uplift mood and combat depression and anxiety. Citrus marijuana strains have tons of benefits and smell amazing. Buy marijuana seeds in West Lafayette and experience their awesome flavor. Here are some of our favorite citrus strains to try now:

These guys have amazing seeds. And they responded so quickly to my emails and had the best customer service ever. Also a lot of online seed banks won’t accept credit cards but PSB does. Getting my next purchase ready as I type this.
Getting my next purchase ready as I type this. Pamela D., West Lafayette, IN