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Are you interested in buying marijuana seeds? Pacific Seed Bank is the premier place to buy marijuana seeds in Des Moines! We carry dozens of strains of fully feminized, ungerminated marijuana seeds in our online inventory. Buying marijuana seeds online is simple; just find the seeds you want, buy online using a credit card or bitcoin, and we’ll deliver your seeds right to your door! We even provide tracking on all of our orders, so you can follow your seeds from our doors to yours.

Buy Golden Nugget Marijuana Seeds Online

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find a golden nugget? The cannabis strain named Golden Nugget is a cross between Golden Goat and Stardawg, and this strain can have a wide range of THC levels, anywhere from 15 percent to 21 percent. Cerebrally, Golden Nugget’s high can make users feel intense joy and a boost of creativity, maybe inspiring them to finish an art-related task that they’ve been able to focus on. However, before long Golden Nugget’s more physical effects do begin to take hold, as a buzz starts moving through the body, potentially leaving users fully locked to the couch. While there, Golden Nugget users may find themselves drawn to their favorite snacks.

What Is THCA?

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or THCA, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, THCA is a compound in live or raw cannabis and doesn’t carry any psychoactive properties. In fact, researchers are starting to discover the immense amount of health benefits it carries. While THCA and THC do have their differences, THCA actually converts to THC as the flowers dry or are decarbed. Some of the major benefits of THCA are very similar to CBD, and include:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Anti-emetic effects
  • Neuroprotective effects
  • Anti-proliferative effects

Using Marijuana as Holistic Medicine

At Pacific Seed Bank, we offer everything you need – the cannabis seeds, the advice, and the germination guarantee. When it comes to your health, you need the best. Pacific Seed Bank has the best cannabis seeds for sale, combined with a genuine investment in your well-being. We want you to be the healthiest, happiest person you can be, so get out there, and get Growing!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Golden Goat Feminized

Golden Goat FeminizedSnoop’s Dream FeminizedSour OG Feminized
THC Level23%20%25%
DescriptionStrongly cerebral and good for social occassionsBalanced hybrid that leads to drowsinessActive mind with a calm body

Is Marijuana Legal In Des Moines?

Unfortunately, marijuana is still considered a schedule 1 drug in the state of Iowa, which means it is illegal to buy, consume, or grow marijuana plants in Des Moines. Both medical and recreational marijuana are illegal; It is legal, however, to buy and own ungerminated marijuana seeds, like those sold by Pacific Seed Bank. Want to change Iowa’s draconian marijuana laws? Call or email your state legislators, get involved with a local chapter of NORML or another advocacy group, and don’t forget to register to vote!

Currently, there are medical CBD laws on the books in Iowa, although in April 2017, Senate File 506 passed on a 45-5 vote. If the bill passes in the House, it would allow for patients with a range of medical conditions to obtain a medical cannabis registration card once having been approved by a local physician. The products must contain no more than 0.3% THC. That means only high-CBD extracts can be legally used.

That said, in Des Moines and the rest of Iowa, collectors can purchase Des Moines cannabis seeds as adult novelty souvenirs. Ungerminated, the seeds are legal to own.


How to Buy Weed Seeds Online

Did you know that there are lots of economic benefits to legalizing marijuana as well? Legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana takes money away from drug cartels and the illegal drug trade, and provides tax revenue for schools, public services, and public safety initiatives. States like Colorado, who have legalized both medicinal and recreational marijuana, saw an increase of about $58 million is one year alone. That’s a lot of money for books, parks, and law enforcement programs. Not only that, but legalizing marijuana also frees up law enforcement to deal with crimes that are more serious than growing or smoking a plant. So far, states with legalized recreational marijuana are

  • Alaska
  • Maine
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Nevada

Help Iowa get on board with the legalization movement by contacting your state legislators and voting in your local and state elections.

Growing Marijuana in Des Moines

As of 2020, growing marijuana plants is prohibited in the state of Iowa at this time. At this time, the state has no medical marijuana legislation in place. Recreational marijuana is also prohibited for use, possession, and cultivation. Even industrial hemp plants are banned from cultivation in Iowa, even though hemp is an industrial agricultural crop that is grown in many neighboring states to make commercial products like textiles, rope, and paper. Even though growing marijuana plants isn’t allowed in Iowa, residents can still buy and own marijuana seeds, as long as the seeds are ungerminated. Ungerminated marijuana seeds are considered novelty items and are legal to buy for adults in the US. Pacific Seed Bank carries a large selection of ungerminated and fully feminized marijuana seeds in our online inventory. Want to help fight for greener marijuana laws in your state? Sign up to volunteer with your local marijuana activism group, call or write your local lawmakers and representatives, and make sure you’re registered to vote on upcoming ballots.

What are Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in which the plants are grown entirely in water, with no soil used. This is a popular technique for growing tomatoes, among other things. With hydroponics, seeds are germinated and then places with their roots directly in water. No soil is used in hydroponic growing. Many growers prefer the hydroponic system because it eliminates the danger of insects or contaminates that may be found in soil, and also allows them to have complete control over the nutrients being introduced to the plants. Plants grown hydroponically also tend to grow faster and have a higher yield. While hydroponics may be expensive to set up and maintain, the benefits might outweigh the costs. 

Best Marijuana Seed Bank in Des Moines

As North America’s premier marijuana seed bank, we are proud to be the #1 place to buy marijuana seeds in Des Moines. We work together with our dedicated community of growers to bring you the very best marijuana seeds available. Just shop our online inventory, check out through our secure server, and your seeds will be delivered directly to you. Our seeds are hand picked and shipped out in contamination free glass vials. We offer flat rate shipping, so whether you buy 5 or 500 seeds, there are never any surprises when it comes to shipping costs. Want to stay up to date on our seasonal sales and promotions? Follow us on social media, and sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win free seeds!

Buy 5th Element Marijuana Seeds Online

Compared to other indicas, 5th Element is a fast-acting indica-dominant hybrid that leaves you happy, elevated, and cheerful within minutes. It typically two to three inhales for the full force to kick in. As it’s not classified as a creeper strain, 5th Element marijuana seeds should do the trick in under 10 minutes. Once you feel the magic start to work, you’ll notice an immediate change in behavior and headspace.  Users report euphoria and an all-around good mood no matter their location, environment, or setting. Ideally, 5th Element is the indica hybrid you want to smoke before dinner with friends or before a movie—preferably somewhere close to home. We say it’s better to stay closer to home because once the euphoric buzz wears off, you’ll want to plop down on the couch and stay put for hours on end.

Shop Our Best-Selling Strain: Durban Poison

Unlike what we’ve seen in Disney movies with the poisonous apple, Durban Poison marijuana seeds will have you begging for another taste. One bite of this sativa strain is enough to get you hooked for life. And, here’s another bonus, you won’t have to deal with an evil queen. Durban Poison is a pure sativa that’s gained popularity around the world for its sweet smell. See, there’s no poison here! As a sativa, Durban Poison is the perfect daytime strain to wake you up without the jitters of coffee. If that 2:30 feeling comes around right after lunch, when most of our energy has gone toward digesting, take a puff of Durban Poison to get your groove back and knock out some work. Unlike coffee, this powerful strain won’t keep you up all night, while still giving you enough energy to make it through the day in one piece.

Read more on these and many other strains of fully feminized marijuana seeds, available from Pacific Seed Bank in our online inventory.

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