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Buy marijuana seeds in West Des Moines from a company that loves marijuana seeds almost as much as health and wellness. We know the power of those little seeds which is why we make sure that you have 100+ options when it comes to picking a strain, so that you can pick your absolute favourite that makes you feel amazing. The kicker is that you don’t even have to leave home to do so- order them online and let them come to you. Keep reading to learn lots more about the incredible power of our medical grade marijuana seeds.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

  • THC Level (%)

Bubblegum Autoflowering

  • Indica
  • Sativa
Bubba Kush FeminizedBlueberry CBDBubblegum Autoflowering
THC Level19%7%15%
TreatsStress, Insomnia, PainStress, Pain, InsomniaDepression, Headache, Stress
Flowering Time60-70 days60-65 days55-65 days

Can Marijuana Help Insomnia?

Marijuana has been used for its healing properties by so many countries for millenia. The damaging reputation it now has is something that it has developed in recent years and it’s such a such. One of the things marijuana can help with is sleep- everyone wishes we got more of it and better quality. Whether you have chronic insomnia or just occasionally have too much racing around in your mind to settle down, weed could be your solution. Other mental health issues that marijuana has been known to treat include

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Eating disorders
  • PTSD

Especially in the winter, many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder which is a type of depression that changes with the seasons and can be triggered by the lack of sun. Marijuana can help manage symptoms and even reduce the need for other pharmaceutical drugs. Some of our favourite medicinal strains are CBD Shark and CBD Moby Dick. Picking a strain that works perfectly to heal your specific conditions may take some time but that’s why we provide a full description of every strain. Right next to each strain on our site, you’ll find what you can expect from its growth, use, and harvest. Simply avoid effects and side effects you don’t like and look for the ones you do! It really is as easy as that.


Where Can I Grow Weed?

You can grow weed anywhere- literally anywhere! It does not matter if you are living in small apartment for one or on a huge farm. If you have a spare cupboard or closet, that will be enough to grow a few plants. That’s probably not what you want to know, however, when you ask “where can I grow weed?”. You’re probably talking about the fine print known as legality. All jokes aside, though, growing marijuana is not yet legal in Iowa and we only want our customers growing where it is completely legal. The laws are pretty strict as of right now- only CBD use is allowed for very specific medical conditions. All hope is not lost though! The marijuana laws are changing and opening up all over the country and the world, so legality must be on the horizon. A fun fact, though, and a way to feel like you’re sticking it to the man, is that you can still legally buy marijuana seeds in West Des Moines, as long as you’re not eventually getting high off them.

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