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As of 2019, the midwest and south are lagging behind the rest of the United States when it comes to marijuana legalization. Even though you can’t legally grow marijuana in Kentucky, you can still buy and own ungerminated marijuana seeds legally. Ungerminated marijuana seeds are considered collector’s items or novelty gifts, and are not prohibited. To order your ungerminated marijuana seeds today, check out Pacific Seed Bank. We carry a huge selection of high quality ungerminated marijuana seeds, all fully feminized for your convenience. Order your marijuana seeds online today and find out what makes Pacific Seed Bank the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Frankfort.

Making Your Own Hash

If you’ve ever wondered about getting more out of your homegrown marijuana harvest, making hash might be right up your alley. Hash is a cannabinoid-rich product that can be made using the leaves of your weed plant, and yes, you can easily do it yourself at home. Hash is composed of the trichomes that are released from the resin glands of the female marijuana plant, this resin is separated from the plant material, collected, and combined to create a “brick” of hash. Interested in trying your hand at making your own hash? Start with the best quality plant material, grown from the top-notch marijuana seeds you can buy online from Pacific Seed Bank – we deliver!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Critical Mass Autoflowering

Willy’s Wonder FeminizedShiatsu Kush FeminizedCritical Mass Autoflowering
THC Level23%18%22%
Flowering Time65-75 days60-70 days40-50 days

Is Growing Marijuana Legal in Frankfort?

At this time, the cultivation of marijuana for any purpose is strongly prohibited in the state of Kentucky. Only the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes is allowed. Hemp is commonly grown for commercial use as textiles, rope, and paper, as well as hemp byproducts such as hemp oil or extracts. Remember, even though you can’t grow marijuana plants, you can still legally own ungerminated marijuana seeds. Tired of the draconian marijuana laws in your state? To help advocate for change, get involved with your local marijuana activist group, call or email your local representatives, and make sure to get out and vote!


Best Seller California Themed Weed Seeds

Can’t get enough sunshine and salty air? Need a vacation from those snowy midwestern winters? Then check out these ultra chill west coast inspired strains of weed seeds, straight from the sunny beaches of California. Here are our best selling California cannabis seeds:

  • California Orange Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds
  • Cali Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • California Love Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Mendocino Purple Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • LA Woman Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

You’ll be transported to a sunny beach when you get these west coast inspired strains delivered. All of these high quality cannabis seeds are available in our online inventory now, in seed packs of 3, 5, 10, or 25 seeds. Order your California weed seeds online today!

Get Bubbleberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds Delivered

If you’re looking for a lightly sweet, berry like flavor in your marijuana, then you need to try our Bubbleberry Feminized Marijuana Seeds. This strain has a sweet, fruity aroma that will remind you of berry patches in the summer. With a THC level of about 18%, Bubbleberry is a moderate strain that is great for users of all tolerance levels. Bubbleberry is a pure indica that gives its users feelings of deep relaxation and can cause drowsiness. It’s a great choice for those who suffer from chronic stress or insomnia but is best used for nighttime use. Bubbleberry grows fairly quickly, and these marijuana plants will flower only 50- 60 days after germination. Bubbleberry marijuana plants can yield up to 500 grams of marijuana per plant when grown either indoors or outdoors. Order your Bubbleberry marijuana seeds online now!

High Quality Marijuana Seeds Delivered Fast

For the best selection of ungerminated marijuana seeds on the web today, shop Pacific Seed Bank. We’ve got what it takes to be the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Frankfort. Don’t wait- order your marijuana seeds today!

There are so many seeds to choose from! I love to get a variety every time I order, which is easy with the small pack sizes. Delivery is always quick too.
Caleb J., Frankfort, KY