Where to buy marijuana seeds

Pacific Seed Bank is definitely the name that you need to know when you are looking for marijuana seeds for sale in Richmond. What’s so great about Pacific Seed Bank? Well, we specialize in high quality cannabis seeds from local, national, and international sources, all of which are feminized and backed by our germination guarantee. If you’d like high CBD cannabis seeds, or autoflowering weed seeds, Pacific Seed Bank truly has you covered. We make shopping with us easy—you can do it right from your smartphone or computer—and we’ll ship your marijuana seed order right to your door.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Red Headed Stranger Feminized

Harlequin CBDRed Headed Stranger FeminizedHarlequin CBD
THC Level5%23%5%
Flowering Time50-60 days70-80 days50-60 days

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Richmond?

You can legally purchase ungerminated marijuana seeds in the state of Kentucky. And, if you are pretty new to growing your own marijuana plants, don’t stress! Pacific Seed Bank offers a great deal of helpful information and tips and tricks for new marijuana growers all the way up to seasoned expert growers. It all starts with our germination guide, in which we recommend our tried and tested Water Glass/Paper Towel germination method. In addition to learning how to properly germinate your weed seeds, you can also read more about our germination guarantee. Basically, if for some reason any less than ninety percent of the marijuana seeds that you bought from Pacific Seed Bank don’t germinate, we’ll refund your money.

What do you do to germinate weed seeds?

Germination is actually much simpler than it sounds. All that you’ll need to do is soak your cannabis seeds in distilled or pure water for 14 to 18 hours, and then let them sit on damp paper towels (covered with another damp paper towel) in a cozy, damp and warm spot for up to a week. You’ll know that your weed seeds have successfully germinated and are ready to plant when you can see a taproot emerging from the seeds. Before you plant your marijuana seeds for sale in Richmond, you’ll want to be sure that the pot you choose to use has drainage holes. And, if you plan to do low stress training (LST) on your cannabis plant, you may want to drill some holes in the edge of your pot in preparation for doing so.

I love that I can shop on the bus on my way home and get the marijuana seeds delivered really quickly with Pacific Seed Bank.
Christy E., Richmond, Kentucky