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Hey there, Marylander! We’ve got some great news: Pacific Seed Bank is available in your area! With fast, nationwide shipping straight to you and a robust catalogue of over 500 different strains of pot seeds, why wouldn’t you want to check us out? So come have a look; it’s a great time to buy marijuana in College Park.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Cheese Autoflowering

Zkittlez FeminizedCheese Autofloweringcalifornia orange Autoflowering
THC Level17%10%15%
Flowering Time50-60 days50-60 days50-60 days

Are pot seeds legal in my area?

Yes, they are. Thankfully, federal regulations don’t prevent the sale or distribution of marijuana seeds across state lines, so you’re okay there. In addition, medical marijuana is totally legal in Maryland. Score!

The bad news is that recreational marijuana isn’t technically legal in Maryland, but there is a huge caveat here: it is legal in Washington D.C., which is located on the border of Maryland. Here you can legally grow up to six plants and be in possession of two ounces. It is tricky and somewhat strange, but just be aware of where you are.


How does marijuana work?

The effects of marijuana come from an assortment of chemicals found in every marijuana plant called cannabinoids. In total there are 113 different cannabinoids, many of them are just beginning to be understood  by scientists. But the popular effects assorted with marijuana use come from a select few cannabinoids. 

The first and most well known cannabinoid is called tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. THC is what recreational users are attracted to as it is primarily responsible for the psychoactive effects of consuming marijuana, aka the ‘high’ that results from its use. Users often report feelings of euphoria, enhanced appetites, as well as bouts of enhanced creativity. 

When it comes to recreational marijuana, there is somewhat of an old school dichotomy of different types of marijuana. Those are cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants. Per common knowledge, sativa plants are known for being responsible for the mentally stimulating aspects of marijuana use, whereas indica plants are generally associated with a ‘body high’ as well as sluggishness.A fun adage to tell the difference goes like this, “indica = in da couch.” I say it is ‘old school’ dichotomy as it doesn’t really apply as much in the modern era of marijuana cultivation and engineering. Due to generations of crossbreeding, it is much more difficult to find a strain that is purely one or the other.

Some great recreational strains can be found here:

And a whole lot more

Medical marijuana works differently. It is true that THC can help with medical conditions, but the high concentrations found in recreational strains can be harmful for certain medical patients. Medical marijuana often contains different levels of cannabinoids, usually with higher concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and/or cannabigerol (CBG). Some great medical strains can be found here: 


Thank you for being there for me, PSB. This medical marijuana has helped so much. Plus it’s fun to grow I’ve even got some of my gals interested in creating a growers’ circle!
Judy P., College Park, MD