Pot seeds now available in Massachusetts

Well if it isn’t a lucky day for you, fellow Bay Stater. We have an exciting announcement in store for you: Pacific Seed Bank products are now available to you! If you’ve never heard of us before, fear not, we’ll give you the low-down of what we’re all about. Based out of the sunny state of California, Pacific Seed Bank is a highly reputable online retailer of marijuana seeds. It’s a commonly held notion that the west coast, and California in particular, are somewhat of a ‘Kush Kingdom,’ or a ‘Marijuana Mecca’ if you will. This notion stands for good reason, as California has had ample access to marijuana long before legalize took place. Our mission is to take this notion and expand it across the country, so that people everywhere in the United States can have the same access Californians have had for decades. It is for this very reason that we are so proud to announce that we offer fast, reliable, nationwide shipping on all of our products. Yes, you did read that correctly! And with a catalogue as robust as ours, currently boasting an impressive 500 strains to choose from and counting, we’re certain there’s something in our store you’ll like. At the end of the day, our main goal was to provide you with a wonderful opportunity to buy marijuana seeds in Needham, Massachusetts.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Granddaddy Purple Feminized

Purple Kush AutofloweringGranddaddy Purple FeminizedBanana OG Feminized
Flowering Time40-50 days50-60 days60-70 days

Is weed legal for me?

You bet it is! About three years ago, was back in 2016, Massachusetts voted on the momentous Question 4, which proposed a regulated legal marijuana industry within the state. With 1.7 million ‘yes’ votes, the ballot passed at a margin of 54%. The rollout of said legislation was somewhat slow, with the first dispensaries not opening until November 2018, a full two years later. However, a year after that and the state has seen the opening of 33 dispensaries, which have generated almost $400 million in revenue. This has netted Massachusetts $67 million in taxes, which can be used to improve aging infrastructure and create social programs, among many other things.

However, as you may already know the federal government has not been as welcoming to such changes, still keeping in place archaic federal regulations that make maintaining the industry a lot more difficult in many ways. One regulation in particular makes it illegal for states for import or export their cultivated marijuana crops anywhere, even into other legal states. This specific regulation is also the reason we get a lot of questions over whether or not customers can legally order pot seeds from us. The good news is that these regulations do not apply to the sale or shipment of marijuana seeds, meaning that wherever you are in the country, you are safe to order away if you like. Just saying, Massachusetts residents are now free to cultivate up to six plants in their own home!


What are the best recreational strains?

Many recreational users would likely agree that one of the tenets of a good strain is a high THC content, which is what drives the ‘high’ users get from consuming it. Some strains that have higher levels of THC can be found here:

And there are many more great options where that came from. Yes, now is an amazing time to buy marijuana seeds in Needham, Massachusetts.

I never thought buying pot seeds over the internet could go my way, just never seemed legit! But curiosity got the best of me, and boy am I glad it did. I got jars and jars of the best weed out there now! Thanks, PSB.
Gabby D., Needham, MA