Is Marijuana Legal In Newton?

Yes, marijuana is legal in Newton. This counts for both medical and recreational marijuana. Since recreational marijuana was recently legalized in Newton, we should be seeing more and more dispensaries pop up around town.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Amnesia Lemon Fast Version

Jillybean FeminizedAmnesia Lemon Fast Version AutofloweringCinderella 99 Feminized
THC Level0%21%22%
Flowering Time60-70 days50-60 days50-60 days

Long-Term Effects Of Marijuana

At Pacific Seed Bank, we believe in full honesty and transparency. We’d be lying if we said marijuana doesn’t come with any possible long-term side effects, some good and some not-so-good. Research suggests that marijuana may interfere with your short-term memory.


Fast Shipping For Weed Seeds

If it’s fast shipping you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. Pacific Seed Bank offers fast and international shipping to all our customers. Our national shipping time takes between 5-10 business days. We get busier in the summertime which may prolong shipping.

Marijuana And Exercise

The relationship between marijuana and exercise is complicated. In smaller doses, marijuana can actually benefit your workout session. When used correctly, marijuana can give your body the burst of energy it needs to complete a gym session with ease. In larger doses, however, marijuana may hinder your performance by making you lazy, distracted, or dizzy.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Newton

Are you ready to buy marijuana seeds in Newton? Have we convinced you that growing marijuana is the next step? There are many benefits to growing your own marijuana plants at home. For example, one single marijuana seed can produce up to $200 worth of marijuana, which can save you a lot of money in the long-run.

From the first moment I shopped here, I felt like family. I owe a huge thank you to the staff at Pacific Seed Bank for always helping and assisting me. I've had pleasant experiences with them over the phone and email. On all counts, they've been incredibly kind and responsive. I can tell they care.
Carrie L., Newton, Massachusetts