Massachusetts now has pot seeds

Hello there! We have a very special announcement for all the Bay Staters out there: Pacific Seed Bank products are now in your area! What’s that, you’ve never heard of us  before? That is an offense most unforgivable! Only kidding of course; we’ll give you the lowdown of what we’re all about. Pacific Seed Bank is a highly reputable online retailer of pot seeds operating out the golden state itself, California. To many, the west coast (and California, in particular) are often looked at as somewhat of a ‘Marijuana Mecca,’ or a ‘Kush Kingdom’ if you will. This is mainly due to the fact that marijuana has been very accessible in this region long before legalization took place. Our primary mission as a company was to take this notion and apply it to the rest of the country, so that everyone can have the same access to marijuana that Californians have had for decades. It is for this reason that we are so excited to offer customers fast, reliable, nationwide shipping on all of our products. And with a catalogue as robust as ours, currently boasting over 500 strains to choose from, there’s gotta be something here you’ll like. Really, at the end of the day we wanted to provide you with an amazing opportunity to buy marijuana seeds in North Attleborough.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Sour Diesel Feminized

Big Devil AutofloweringMendocino Purps FeminizedSour Diesel Feminized
Flowering Time50-60 days60-70 days60-70 days

Is this legal for me?

As a matter of fact it is! Back in November 2016, the state of Massachusetts voted on Question 4, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that proposed a taxed and regulated legal marijuana industry. The bill passed, with 1.7 million ‘yes’ votes at a margin of 54%. It took about two years to implement said legislation, with the first dispensaries in the state not opening until November 2018. A year after that and the industry is thriving. There are now 33 dispensaries in the state (with more on the way) which have generated a mouth-watering $400 million in revenue, itself netting the state $67 million in taxes. This is money that can be used to update aging infrastructure and implement social programs, among other things. Hopefully the state sees it that way!

The downside of this is the fact that the federal government insists on upholding its archaic federal regulations, many of which make it difficult for the fledgling industry to truly thrive. One in particular makes it illegal for states to export their marijuana crops anywhere, even into other legal states! Naturally, this calls into question Pacific Seed Bank’s entire business model. Can I order marijuana seeds off the internet? Is this even legal? It is!! None of these regulations apply to the sale or shipment of marijuana seeds themselves, so you’re free to order away.


What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the active chemical ingredients that drive how marijuana works. There are over 113 cannabinoids that we know of, and different strains often have varying levels of these cannabinoids. Recreational marijuana is often defined by its high tetrahydrocannabinol content, aka THC. This is the cannabinoid that causes psychoactive effects on the user, better known as the ‘high’. For some great recreational strains, have a look at these options:

And there are many more great options where that came from. Yes, it is a perfect time to buy marijuana seeds in North Attleborough.

Really awesome stuff you guys are selling here. I consider myself an expert on the subject, and even I’m impressed!
Daniel D., North Attleborough, MA