Massachusetts now has pot seeds

Well hello there. Today is a special day, for we have an exciting announcement in store for all the Bay Staters out there: Pacific Seed Bank products are now available in your area! If you’ve never heard of us before, fear not, we’ll give the lowdown on what we’re all about. Based out of the sunny Golden State itself, Pacific Seed Bank is a reputable online retailer of marijuana seeds and other products. It is true that California has long been seen as a ‘Marijuana Mecca’ or a ‘Kush Kingdom,’ if you will, and for good reason. Marijuana has simply been widely accessible in the state for some time, long before legalization ever took place. What we really wanted to do was take this notion and expand upon it, so that it applies to the entire country. We want everyone to enjoy that level of access to marijuana resources. And for that reason, we are so happy to be able to offer customers fast, reliable, nationwide shipping on all of our products. Yes, you read that correctly. Nation. WIDE. And with a catalogue as strong and chock-full of quality options as our, currently boasting over 500 strains to choose from, we’re certain there’s something here for you. Really, we just wanted to show you this amazing opportunity to buy marijuana seeds in West Springfield Town.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Blueberry CBD

Granddaddy Purple FeminizedCritical Mass FeminizedBlueberry CBD
TreatsStress, Insomnia, PainStress, Pain, InsomniaStress, Pain, Insomnia
Flowering Time50-60 days50-60 days60-65 days

So is weed legal?

Yes it is, for you at least. About three years ago back in November 2016, Massachusetts voted on the groundbreaking Question 4, which proposed a taxed and regulated legal marijuana industry. Despite the 46% of naysayer votes, the majority won out with 1.7 million ‘yes’ votes, ratifying the legislation into law. Implementing said legislation was somewhat slow, as the first dispensary did not open until two years later in November 2018. But another year after that and the industry is doing quite well for itself, having generated almost $400 million from 33 dispensaries, which netted the state $67 million in taxes. This is money that can be used to benefit the general public, such as updating aging infrastructure and implementing social programs, among other things.

Unsurprisingly, the federal government has not been as receptive to such modern policies, still upholding their archaic federal regulations. One such regulation makes it illegal for states to export their cultivated marijuana crops anywhere else, including other legal states. Naturally, this may make one wonder if they’d be putting themselves at risk by ordering pot seeds off the internet. Well fear not, as these regulations make no mention of the seeds themselves, so you’re safe to order away.


What’s a good strain for me?

If you’re looking for recreational marijuana, a common choice is to look for a plant with a high concentration of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is where the psychoactive effects of consuming marijuana come from; in other words, THC is responsible for getting you ‘high’. For some great recreational strains, have a look at these options:

And there are many more high quality options where that came from. Yes, right now is the perfect time to buy marijuana seeds in West Springfield Town.

Keep doin’ your thing, PSB! I don’t know where else on the ‘net I can find such amazing seeds, so I’ll just keep ordering from here. Love this site!!
Peter B., West Springfield Town, MA