Find Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Wilmington

If you’re a first time grower, we recommend starting out with our easy to grow autoflowering varieties of marijuana seeds. Pacific Seed Bank carries over 50 strains of these easy to grow marijuana seeds. Perfect for those new to growing, as well as experienced gardeners looking for an easy to grow option, autoflowering marijuana plants don’t require any complicated lighting changes to mature. As the name suggests, these plants flower automatically. They are a great choice for those hoping to grow outdoors or in other conditions where the grower doesn’t have complete control over light and other factors. You can order autoflowering marijuana seeds online today using our secure server. Order from the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Wilmington today to start growing your own marijuana plants at home now!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Amnesia Lemon Fast Version Autoflowering


Top Selling CBD Weed Seeds Online

CBD is all the rage right now, and for good reason. High content CBD extracts, products, and raw marijuana flower are known for their calming, uplifting effects that can help fight insomnia, and inflammation, without the foggy, traditional high feeling that comes with high content THC strains. Pacific Seed Bank carries many CBD weed seeds, including best sellers like

  • Ringo’s Gift CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • CBD Shark Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds
  • Dance World CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Blueberry CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Grow your own CBD weed seeds at home when you order today from Pacific Seed Bank. We provide super fast and discreet delivery with tracking available on every order.


Grow Amnesia Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Forget all of your troubles with our Amnesia Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds. This sativa dominant hybrid strain has a strong THC content of 20%, and a moderate CBD content of 3 – 10%. This is a great strain for those looking for a creative boost, or a strain for daytime use. Amnesia Haze will give you creative energy and improved focus, so you can get all of your work done and have fun doing it. Amnesia Haze is a photoperiod plant, so it’s recommended for intermediate to advanced growers. These marijuana plants are best grown in an indoor facility or grow room, where conditions can be carefully monitored and manipulated. Get your Amnesia Haze marijuana seeds delivered today!

Is it Legal to Grow Marijuana Plants in Massachusetts?

Growing marijuana plants is allowed in the state of Massachusetts for legal adults over the age of 21. Marijuana can be cultivated by individuals for personal use, for both recreational and medicinal use and purposes. As many as 6 cannabis plants can be grown at one time. Get started growing your own marijuana plants when you order online today.

Get High Quality Marijuana Seeds Delivered Fast

Growing marijuana plants doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re new to growing marijuana plants, order autoflowering marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank today. These easy to grow seeds are perfect for first time growers. Shop today to see what makes us the number one place to buy marijuana seeds in Wilmington.

I ordered the autoflowering blueberry marijuana seeds, and they were so easy to grow. The plants flowered in less than 2 months and I had a great harvest.
Chelsea S., Wilmington, Mass