Michigan now has pot seeds

Well hello there! We’d like to take a moment to welcome all the Michigan residents out there reading this. Today is a very special day, for we have an exciting announcement in store for you: Pacific Seed Bank products are available in your area! What’s Pacific Seed Bank, you ask? Great question! Based out of the sunny state of California, Pacific Seed Bank is a highly reputable online retailer of marijuana seeds. Many would agree that California has a reputation for being a ‘Pot Paradise,’ if you will, and there’s good reason for that. What we really wanted to do was take this notion and apply it to the rest of the country. We want everyone to be able to benefit from the access that Californians have enjoyed for decades. For this reason, we are so happy to offer customers fast, reliable, nationwide shipping on all of our products. And based on the depth of our catalogue, we know there has to be something here just for you. At the end of the day, we just wanted to show you this incredible opportunity buy marijuana seeds in Southgate.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Sour Diesel Feminized

Sour Diesel FeminizedACDC CBDBlue Amnesia Autoflowering
TreatsDepression, Stress, PainPain, Stress, InflammationAnxiety, Depression, Pain
Flowering Time60-70 days60-70 days40-50 days

Is weed legal for me?

If you’re an adult living in the state of Michigan aged 21 or over, then yes it is! Very recently so, in fact. Back in December of 2018, voters weighed in on the momentous Proposal 1, which called for a taxed and regulated legal marijuana industry within the state. The bill passed with over 2.3 million ‘yes’ votes at a margin of 56%. A year after that, and the legislation finally took effect with business initiating first sales on December 1, 2019. In its first week, $1.6 million in sales were made. Safe to say that people wanted their marijuana! A month later Illinois also passed similar legislation, bringing the current number of legal states up to 11.

Unfortunately, the federal government is not as keen to adopt similarly modern policies, choosing to uphold its archaic federal regulations. One such regulation makes it illegal for states to export marijuana over state lines, even into other legal states. If you’re a potential customer now wondering whether ordering pot seeds would be putting yourself at risk, you can relax. These regulations only apply to cultivated marijuana, and not the seeds themselves.


What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the naturally-occuring active chemical compounds that determine how marijuana affects the human mind and body. There are 113 total cannabinoids that we know of, but only a select few receive much attention. The most well-known cannabinoid is easily that of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is responsible for the psychoactive stimulation that recreational users often seek out, otherwise known as the ‘high.’ For some THC-rich recreational marijuana strains, consider these options:

And there are of course many more great options available in our store. Yes, it truly is a wonderful time to buy marijuana seeds in Southgate, Michigan.

Finally harvested the plants I grew from your seeds. I was hesitant, but man is this stuff good! I don’t know if I’ll ever have to go to the dispensary again. Thanks, PSB.
Winston C., Southgate, MI
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