How To Grow Marijuana Plants From Clone Seeds

Believe it or not, growing marijuana from clone seeds is not that different from using regular seeds. The only difference is that your plants will be clones from the original plant strain. So, if your parent plants are from the indica or sativa strain, those chemical properties will show themselves in the offspring clone plant. To get started on your marijuana garden, buy marijuana seeds in Brooklyn Park from Pacific Seed Bank. We have the seeds you’re looking for online!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Dirty Girl Feminized

Acapulco Gold FeminizedBubba Kush FeminizedDirty Girl Feminized
THC Level22%19%22%
TreatsDepressionStress, Insomnia, PainDepression, Pain
Flowering Time70-80 days60-70 days55-65 days

Choosing The Right Weed Seeds

Now, the next question is how to pick the right weed seeds. The types of seeds we sell online are as follows: medical, clone, regular, autoflowering, and regular. It’s not a trick question as to what these seeds are good for. Their name says it all. For example, medical weed seeds are perfect for medical marijuana plants. Clone seeds are meant for clone marijuana plants and so for. See the pattern? If you need any help picking the right seed for growing marijuana plants, just ask us online! Our website has a friendly chatbox on the home page.


Can I Legally Buy Marijuana In Brooklyn Park?

The laws regarding marijuana can be divided up into two categories: recreational and medicinal use. Medical marijuana is legal in Brooklyn Park — and has been since 2014. Medical marijuana is not new to Minnesota, but lawmakers still haven’t come around to legalized recreational use.

Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana

Do you have any friends or family members who still think marijuana is a bad thing? The taboo behind marijuana is still very much alive in certain cities and states. To be honest, though, it’s pretty darn ridiculous considering all the positive effects marijuana has on us. Marijuana can help with

  • Depression
  • Lack of appetite
  • Stress
  • PTSB
  • Trauma

And that’s just the beginning! For a full list of marijuana benefits, check out our blog! We believe in spreading the good word of marijuana any way we can, whether it’s through social media, our website, our blog, Yelp, and word of mouth. If you like shopping with Pacific Seed Bank, tell your friends about us. Let’s get marijuana legalized everywhere!

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Brooklyn Park

In Brooklyn Park, you’ve got two options for buying marijuana seeds. You can either buy seeds from a dispensary, but that comes with a checklist. Firstly, you need to 21 or older to enter the dispensary in the first place, and secondly, you need a valid medical card to make any purchases. But at Pacific Seed Bank, we don’t have for any of that. And we don’t have to because it’s legal to buy marijuana seeds in Brooklyn Park and throughout Minnesota. Shopping with us is so simple. Pick the seeds you like, add them to your cart, fill out your address, and boom! You’re done.

Thank you Pacific Seed Bank! Thank you for delivering my seeds before taking a long road trip with my friends. We were so worried that we ordered our seeds too late and they wouldn't arrive before we left.
Ashley V., Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
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