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Have you ever thought about buying marijuana seeds online, but didn’t know where to start? Pacific Seed Bank is here to help! We are the #1 place to buy marijuana seeds in Duluth. All of our fully feminized, ungerminated marijuana seeds come to us from our trusted community of growers. Our seeds are tested in the lab to ensure genetic quality before being shipped directly to your door. We offer flat rate shipping with fast and discreet delivery, and tracking is available on every order. Let us be your guide to buying marijuana seeds online. Shop our huge online inventory to get started today!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Larry OG Feminized

Golden Goat FeminizedLarry OG FeminizedPez Feminized
THC Level23%24%25%
TreatsDepression, Lack of AppetitePain, Stress, Muscle SpasmsDepression, Insomnia
Flowering Time65-75 days50-60 days50-60 days

Where to Buy Weed Seeds in Duluth

What is CBD? Basically, there are two major chemical compounds in cannabis that create the medicinal and recreational effects we all know and love. THC is the compound responsible for the heady, euphoric, and creative psychoactive effects commonly recognized as the “high” from consuming marijuana; CBD is responsible for the physical effects experienced sans high, relieving pain, inducing sleep, and alleviating nausea. Pacific Seed Bank carries a great selection of CBD weed seeds, including

  • CBD Critical Mango
  • CBD Blueberry
  • CBD Shark

Is Marijuana Legal in Duluth?

Currently, medical marijuana is legally available to qualifying patients in the state of Minnesota, while recreational marijuana use remains prohibited at this time. Even if you are a medical marijuana card holder, you may only obtain your usable marijuana from a state licensed dispensary; no home growing allowed. That being said, you can still definitely buy ungerminated marijuana seeds, like those sold online through Pacific Seed Bank. We offer over 100 strains of high quality, fully feminized, ungerminated marijuana seeds, including crowd favorites like Gorilla Glue, Northern Lights, and Durban Poison. Want to help make safe, natural marijuana more widely available in your community? Get involved with a local chapter of NORML or other marijuana activist group, call your lawmakers, and most importantly, get out and vote!

How does Marijuana Help Cancer Patients?

Due to restrictions on clinical studies of medical marijuana, it is unclear at this time what effects cannabinoids have on cancer cells. However, marijuana has been proven to significantly help cancer patients deal with the side effects of this disease. Major cancer therapies including chemotherapy radiation treatments, which leave the patient feeling exhausted and nauseous, and often in a great deal of physical pain. Marijuana can help to relieve these symptoms; a known anti-inflammatory and natural sedative, marijuana can be used to treat pain, reduce feelings of nausea, stimulate appetite, and ease stress, allowing the patient to relax and get some much needed rest. Some patients may prefer CBD strains of marijuana, which provide the physical effects without the heady “high” generally associated with marijuana, while others may prefer strains with a higher percentage of THC to help alleviate depression.

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Ready to buy your marijuana seeds online? As the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Duluth, your experience is important to us. That’s why we offer a germination guarantee on all of the seeds we sell, resources for new growers, and knowledgeable customer service representatives to answer all of your questions. We’re glad you’ve chosen us to be your weed seed supplier! To stay in the loop about our sales and promotions, follow us on social media, and sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win free seeds!

Pacific Seed Bank made the whole buying process simple. My seeds arrived quickly and in discreet packaging; my nosy mailman had no idea what was inside! I’ll definitely order from them again.
Megan J., Duluth, Minnesota
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