Finding marijuana seeds to buy

Purchasing high quality marijuana seeds for sale in Columbus doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming, particularly when you decide to shop for them on Pacific Seed Bank’s secure, simple to use website. You can access the Pacific Seed Bank website from your computer or smartphone at any time of the day or night, and we’ll deliver your feminized cannabis seeds to you at your desired shipping address. Pacific Seed Bank even has great varieties of high CBD marijuana strain seeds, as well as autoflowering seeds, which seem to be especially popular amongst people who are new to growing their own marijuana plants.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Herijuana Feminized

Herijuana FeminizedAmnesia Haze FeminizedBlue Cheese Feminized
Flowering Time60-70 days65-75 days55-65 days

Growing your own marijuana plants from weed seeds

When you shop for weed seeds on Pacific Seed Bank’s website, your marijuana plant growing journey is really just beginning. Once you get those marijuana seeds into your home, you’ll need to germinate them to ensure that you are setting your future marijuana plants up for success and a big healthy harvest. Germination is actually a simple and straightforward process that involves providing your seeds with darkness, moisture, and warmth in order to enable a tap root to emerge from the seed. Pacific Seed Bank has a great germination guide that you can easily access on our website which is a helpful resource if you have any questions or concerns about the process.


Germinating marijuana seeds

When you consult Pacific Seed Bank’s germination guide, you’ll see that we recommend one method of marijuana seed germination above all others, and that method is known as the Water Glass/Paper Towel method. In order to successfully follow the Water Glass/Paper Towel method (which you’ll need to do if you plan to take advantage of Pacific Seed Bank’s incredible germination guarantee), you’ll need to make sure that you have the following items on hand:

  • Water Glass
  • Paper Towels
  • Pacific Seed Bank marijuana seeds
  • Plate
  • Tweezers
  • Pure or distilled water

Legal to buy Columbus marijuana seeds

When you are shopping for marijuana seeds for sale in Columbus, or anywhere in Mississippi, for that matter, so long as you purchase marijuana seeds that are ungerminated, the purchase is legal. As you may be aware, many states around the USA and many countries around the world are revising their laws around marijuana use and possession at the moment, so if you have any specific questions about the laws in one particular area, it may be wise to do a current search before making any purchases. People are utilizing marijuana these days for far more than recreational use. Cannabis has been shown to have significant benefits for people suffering from a wide range of medical issues.

I recommend Pacific Seed Bank to anyone who is getting started with growing their own marijuana plants. They have a great selection, high quality seeds, and they make it super easy to shop with them from anywhere. I’m a loyal fan!
Joshua T., Columbus, Mississippi