Buying cannabis seeds online

If you’re shopping for marijuana seeds for sale in Madison, one name that you should definitely know is Pacific Seed Bank. Why? Because Pacific Seed Bank has a very large selection of premium quality marijuana seeds, including feminized, autoflowering, and high CBD seeds to choose from our secure website, all of which can be shipped right to you and are backed by Pacific Seed Bank’s germination guarantee. For more information about Pacific Seed Bank’s germination guarantee, which states that if ninety percent of your seeds purchased from us don’t germinate, we’ll refund your money, check out Pacific Seed Bank’s useful germination guide, on our website.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Obama Kush Feminized

Dirty Girl FeminizedLemon Haze CBDObama Kush Feminized
Flowering Time55-65 days55-65 days60-70 days

Marijuana’s many benefits

For many years marijuana was mostly associated with its recreational benefits, like the lowering of inhibitions or the decreasing of stress levels. But, as you may be aware, an increasing amount of research has shown that marijuana can also reduce the symptoms associated with a large number of very different medical conditions, including:

  • Glaucoma
  • Migraine
  • Chronic Stress

And others


Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Madison?

In the state of Mississippi, as long as the seeds that you are buying are ungerminated, they are legal to shop for. When you check out Pacific Seed Bank’s germination guide, you can read all about our preferred germination method, which is the Water Glass/Paper Towel method. Basically, you’ll plunk your Pacific Seed Bank weed seeds into distilled or pure water for 14 to 18 hours. After soaking, you’ll place the seeds on a damp paper towel, cover them with another damp paper towel, and place the plate you’ve put it all on in a damp, warm, cozy spot for up to a week. Your seeds will be germinated and ready to plant when you see a taproot emerging.

Methods of growing marijuana plants

As mentioned, Pacific Seed Bank not only has a huge selection of high quality seeds to choose from, we also have a ton of information about the marijuana plant growing process, ranging from what new growers will need to know all the way up to handy tips and tricks for seasoned growing veterans. One of the methods that you can learn more about is called low stress training, or LST. Low stress training is a method of growing your marijuana plant that allows it to receive the maximum amount of light on all parts of the plant. You’ll take plant ties and tie off branches of your plant, securing them in holes that you’ve drilled in the side of your pot.

Online versus a physical retail space

Pacific Seed Bank is popular with people looking for marijuana seeds for sale in Madison because of our huge selection, which we’re able to offer because we’re located online, not in a traditional retail space.

I like how straightforward the Pacific Seed Bank website is, and that they really believe in their products.
Jen K., Madison, Mississippi