Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Larry OG Feminized

Larry OG FeminizedPresidential OG FeminizedBubba Kush Feminized
THC Level24%20%19%
Flowering Time50-60 days55-65 days60-70 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In St. Charles

Pacific Seed Bank sells marijuana seeds in St. Charles. I know, it sounds too good to be true. If there are no medical marijuana dispensaries in Missouri, then how come seed banks can sell seeds here? Well, marijuana seeds have a different set of laws and regulations when compared to marijuana plants. The seeds are legal as they do not contain THC, the chemical compound that gets you high.


Buy Weed Seeds Online

Look no further! You’ve found the right place to buy weed seeds online! We specialize in the growth and distribution of weed seeds throughout the United States. But that’s not even the best part. Are you ready for it? OK, here it is. We’ll even ship the weed seeds you purchase online to your doorstep.

Tips On How To Grow Marijuana Plants

Growing marijuana isn’t the easiest hobby on Earth, I’ll just come right out and say it. That’s because marijuana plants are picky about their environment and require the exact amount of water, sunlight, and heat. If you’re a grower beginner, it’s much easier to buy a grow tent and grow marijuana indoors. Once you feel more comfortable, you can move outdoors.

Marijuana Laws In St. Charles

In St. Charles, and throughout the state of Missouri, it’s illegal to purchase, grow, sell, or possess any form of marijuana. I know, it’s kind of a bummer for people who love marijuana as a hobby or need it for medical purposes. On the bright side, there’s strong advocacy for legal marijuana in Missouri. People are now speaking up and voicing their options! The majority of Missouri residents are pro-marijuana, according to recent polls and surveys.

What Does Sativa Marijuana Mean?

Sativa and indica are the two types of marijuana strains. They’re like brother and sister, as each one comes with its own set of benefits and uses. Some people are strain-loyal, while others prefer smoking hybrids, which is a mix of the two. Here’s what sativa marijuana can do you for:

  • It wakes up the mind
  • It increases brain function
  • It makes you feel alert and awake

For these reasons, most people prefer smoking sativa in the morning and indica at night to help them fall asleep. If you want to buy marijuana seeds in St. Charles, check out our website for a full list of our sativa options!

Every time I shop here I have a great experience. Everything runs smoothly, their customer service is always top notch, and their shipping is very VERY fast. It only takes 2-3 days for the seeds to get to my house.
Jackson W., St. Joseph, Missouri