Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Great Falls

Have you thought about buying marijuana seeds online? As the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Great Falls, Pacific Seed Bank is your source for high quality cannabis seeds and reliable information. We carry over 100 strains of fully feminized, ungerminated marijuana seeds in our huge online inventory. All of our seeds are lab tested for genetic quality, hand picked, and shipped directly to your door in contaminate free glass vials. Delivery is fast and discreet, and we offer tracking on all of our orders, so you can follow your seeds on their journey from our doors to yours!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Snowcap Feminized

Chemdog #4 FeminizedSnowcap FeminizedMaster Kush Feminized
THC Level18%22%21%
Flowering Time60-70 days60-70 days55-65 days

Is Marijuana Legal in Great Falls?

Unfortunately, recreational marijuana use is currently prohibited in Great Falls at this time. However, under the state’s medical marijuana act, Montana residents who have medical marijuana cards may grow up to 12 plants at a time! Even if you don’t have a medical marijuana card, you can still buy and possess ungerminated marijuana seeds, like those available from Pacific Seed Bank, since ungerminated seeds are generally considered adult novelty gifts or collector’s items. Interested in changing the backwards marijuana laws in your state? Get involved with a local marijuana activist group, call or write to your lawmakers, and make sure to vote on important ballot measures!

Should I Grow Indica or Sativa Marijuana Plants?

If you’re familiar with the intricacies of marijuana culture, you’ve undoubtedly heard of indica and sativa strains, and you probably know someone who greatly prefers one over the other. But what exactly is the difference between these two species of cannabis plants? Basically, these terms refer to the region from which a plant originated, and determine what its physical or psychoactive effects will be. Indica is native to the Indus River Valley in India, while sativa plants originate from Eastern Asia.  An indica strain will provide deeper relaxation and serves well as a natural sedative, whereas sativa strains provide the user with more uplifting effects, boosting creativity and giving the user euphoric energy. The majority of the marijuana seeds offered by Pacific Seed Bank are a blend or hybrid of the two strains, so be sure to read the strain description to get the seeds that are right for you.

Best Marijuana Seed Bank in Great Falls

As North America’s best marijuana seed bank, we are proud to be the #1 place to buy marijuana seeds in Great Falls. We work together with our dedicated community of growers to bring you only top quality cannabis seeds, every time. We know that your privacy is important; that’s why our discreet packaging will never show our company name or contents on the outside of the package. Can’t get enough Pacific Seed Bank? Follow us on social media to keep up with our seasonal promotions and sale specials, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win free seeds!

I ordered my seeds on a Sunday afternoon, and they arrived by Thursday morning! I germinated three of them and had taproots to plant by Saturday. It took me less than a week to start growing. Great for impatient people like me!
Zak S., Great Falls, Montana