Smoking Marijuana On The Strip

Just because marijuana is legal in Nevada, doesn’t mean you can smoke up on the Strip. There are still certain places where marijuana should not be consumed. If you’re ever confused about where you can and can’t light up, follow our advice and keep it within the walls of your home. If you have a private backyard, you can smoke there, too. Please be responsible when you buy marijuana seeds in Carson City.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Lamb’s Bread Feminized

Pineapple Autofloweringcalifornia orange AutofloweringLamb’s Bread Feminized
THC Level12%15%20%
Flowering Time60-70 days50-60 days60-70 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Carson City

Stop everything you’re doing. Nothing is as important as what we’re about to say — you can now buy marijuana seeds in Carson City from Pacific Seed Bank. Our doors are open for business and always will be. Because we’re an online company, we don’t have regular store hours with closing and opening times. We’re open on holidays and around the clock.


How To Grow Marijuana Plants Outside

Let’s be real for a minute, it gets freakin’ hot in Carson City. That’s why it’s so important to keep your soil watered consistently throughout the summer. Your marijuana plants should never be dehydrated.

Equipment For Growing Marijuana

Before you commit to growing marijuana, make sure you have the budget for it. Buying the right equipment isn’t exactly cheap. It’s a bit of an investment to buy a grow tent along with the proper lights. Keep in mind that we do not sell any equipment on our website. We specialize in marijuana seeds only. That being said, Amazon is a great place to buy the following equipment

  • LED grow lights
  • Grow tent
  • Pot plants
  • Soil
  • Water resource
  • Sprinklers

Shopping For Weed Seeds

You’ve come to the right place to buy weed seeds. We’ve designed our website to be user-friendly, efficient, and quick for your shopping needs. It’s never been easier to buy marijuana seeds to Carson City from Pacific Seed Bank! Simply visit our page, pick out your favorite weed seeds, add them to your cart, and pay. From there, we’ll handle the shipping. Keep in mind that if you spend over $500 you get free shipping!

Carson City Marijuana Laws

There’s a reason Nevada is so closely tied to Sin City. In this state, you can sin and get away with it. You can drink, gamble, and buy marijuana. It’s legal to buy marijuana seeds in Carson City. It’s also legal to enjoy marijuana recreationally and for medical purposes.

Using Marijuana In Medicine

The world of medicine and marijuana are now intertwined. Because of the countless research studies supporting marijuana, the green plant has become legalized in certain states. Doctors, nurses, and surgeons alike have come forward to present the positive effects of marijuana on the brain and body. Imagine what we could do if marijuana was a part of daily medicine. Maybe the opioid epidemic wouldn’t be where it is now. If you think your life can somehow be enhanced by marijuana, buy marijuana seeds in Carson City today!

Read more on these and many other strains of fully feminized marijuana seeds, available from Pacific Seed Bank in our online inventory.

Every marijuana strain you could possibly think of is available at Pacific Seed Bank! I love having the ability to try different seeds, so I'm really drawn to their massive selection.
Martika C., Carson City, Nevada