Topical Marijuana

We’ve noticed a trend in the marijuana community recently. Studies show that fewer and fewer people prefer consuming marijuana, either via drink, food, or the act of smoking. Those same studies revealed that millennial marijuana lovers are using it topically instead. Marijuana can now be found in a number of lotions, serums, oils, and body butters. Marijuana and skincare have now become one, which is another great reason to buy marijuana seeds in Mesquite. The use of topical marijuana can transform your skin, muscles, and overall health.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Pineapple Autoflowering

Jack Herer FeminizedPineapple AutofloweringCherry Pie Feminized
THC Level18%12%20%
Flowering Time50-70 days60-70 days55-65 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Mesquite

Want to know the best part of being an online business? Our doors are always open! A common complaint people have towards dispensaries is their hours. It’s not uncommon for a dispensary to close their doors for Christmas, New Years, Fourth of July, and so on. The holidays are when people want their marijuana the most.


Marijuana Legality In Mesquite

Here’s a breakdown of the marijuana laws in Mesquite. We made it super simple for you to ensure that you feel comfortable buying marijuana seeds from us. We fully understand how laws can be confusing sometimes, especially when they change year after year. Use this as a guide the next time you want to buy marijuana seeds.

  • It’s legal to buy marijuana seeds
  • Persons 21 and over can legally smoke marijuana
  • It’s not legal to smoke marijuana in public spaces
  • It’s not legal to drive under the influence of marijuana

How Do You Germinate Weed Seeds?

We have a list of “easy to grow” weed seeds on our website. The best way to germinate your weed seeds is with the proper soil, the proper-sized pot plants, and LED lighting. You may also want to look into a grow tent.

Cooking With Marijuana

The holidays are all about cooking and coming together in the kitchen. This year, we want Thanksgiving to sound more like Danksgiving by adding marijuana to certain recipes. The easiest way to incorporate marijuana into food is by starting with the basics, like oil, flour, and butter. Just a few drops of marijuana oil can transform your dish instantaneously. Once your butter or oil has the appropriate amount of marijuana added to it, continue cooking like normal. Feel free to share your recipes with us — we’d love to see!

Tips For Growing Marijuana At Home

If you’re new at this and have no idea where to begin, we recommend buying a grow tent. It’s the easiest way to control the temperature and humidity of the air surrounding your plants. A grow tent means you have full control over the environment in which your plants are growing. It’s easy to find grow tents online, such as Amazon. We do not sell grow tents on our website, only the seeds. Come to us when you’re ready to buy marijuana seeds in Mesquite.

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