Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Concord

The rumors are true: you can buy marijuana seeds in Concord! In fact, you can buy marijuana seeds anywhere in the United States through Pacific Seed Bank. That’s because we ship our seeds from coast to coast. Fast shipping is one of our greatest perks, just look at the review section to see what customers have to say. Our shipping is reliable and rest assured that your seeds are always in good hands.

Grow Your Own Marijuana Plants

Have you been thinking about the best time to grow your own marijuana medicine? How does “right now” sound? It might not be a piece of marijuana-infused cake, but cultivating and successfully harvesting your own marijuana plants isn’t as hard as you might think! With high-quality weed seeds like those sold at Pacific Seed Bank, and a mighty arsenal of marijuana know-how like you’ll find in our Marijuana Grow Advice, you’ll find yourself well-equipped to grow your very own all-natural– right at home! And with so many high-quality weed seeds for sale, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Amnesia Lemon Fast Version Autoflowering

Bakerstreet AutofloweringEwok FeminizedTahoe OG Feminized
THC Level14%18%20%
Flowering Time50-60 days55-65 days55-65 days

Concord Marijuana Laws

Here’s a quick breakdown of Concord’s marijuana laws. Purchasing and smoking medical marijuana is legal — recreational marijuana is not. It’s also legal to purchase marijuana seeds online, and you can do so with Pacific Seed Bank. New Hampshire is on the cusp of fully legalizing marijuana, so why not buy some seeds now? Local lawmakers are really opening up to the idea.

Our Germination Guarantee

Pacific Seed Bank is proud to offer the highest germination guarantee in the industry. We promise at least 90% of your seeds will germinate. If they don’t, we will replace them free of charge.*When you order from us, you receive high-quality seeds that have been tested to ensure a germination rate of at least 90% (two-seed minimum). Though some visual markers may be used to predict a seed’s viability, we strongly recommend you attempt to germinate every seed you purchased, regardless of size, color, or density.


How To Grow Marijuana Plants

Growing marijuana plants is a learned skill that takes time. It may take months to perfect the growing process, so don’t be too hard on yourself in the early stages. Marijuana plants are notoriously picky about their setting: the temperature of a room, the amount of light, the amount of water and shade… the right soil. It may seem like a headache at first, but we promise the growing process is worth it in the end! How great would it be to smoke from your own crop? No more dispensary visits or spending extra money when it’s your own supply.

The Golden Ticket to Your Health and Happiness

If Willy Wonka were a purveyor of weed, you can rest assured his “golden ticket” would be pretty similar to Golden Ticket marijuana, a delicious 50/50 hybrid that has a heavy-hitting and intense cerebral high that may have you seeing Oompa Loompas. Topping out at a whopping 23% THC (and its lowest is roughly 14%), even this auto-variety of Golden Ticket marijuana is one of the most potent on the market – you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery!

A heavy sense of euphoria will bust any feelings of negativity or lethargy, leaving you pumped and primed for a productive, creative day.  Although its effects are intense, bear in mind they are slow to set in. Beginner consumers should take their time so they don’t become overwhelmed. Eventually, the indica genetics of Golden Ticket take over, soothing tension and stress.

How To Pick The Right Weed Seed

All marijuana seeds look pretty darn similar, right? Well, if you have a closer look, or are a seasoned weed seed expert, you’ll know that all weed seeds do something different. There are various types of weed seeds on sale at Pacific Seed Bank. You can choose from

  • Autoflowering seeds
  • Medical seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Clone seeds

The question is, how do you pick the right one? Medical seeds are for medical marijuana smokers, which is legal in Concord. Clone seeds are from cloned plants, autoflowering seeds produce flowers (which contain THC), and feminized seeds come from female plants only. Take your pick!

Read more on these and many other strains of fully feminized marijuana seeds, available from Pacific Seed Bank in our online inventory.

I'm a big fan of their fruity seed flavors. Blueberry is my personal favorite, and then there's AK, which is a staple in my marijuana collection. Can't say enough good words about this place. It feels like my seeds arrive in a matter of seconds.
Sophie E., Concord, New Hampshire