Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Shark CBD

Grapefruit FeminizedShark CBDBlue Dream Autoflowering
THC Level21%6%20%
Flowering Time60-70 days60-70 days50-60 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Rochester

Looking for a marijuana seed sale? Pacific Seed Bank has exactly what you need! Not only do we offer a variety of seeds (from autoflowering ones to clone ones), we also price them fairly compared to the rest of the market. Shop away without the guilt of over-spending. We totally understand the importance of budgeting and keeping your wallet happy.


Marijuana Laws In Rochester

Unlike the majority of the Northeast, recreational marijuana is still illegal in Rochester and New Hampshire. Local smokers thought New Hampshire would follow in the weed-friendly footsteps of Vermont and Massachusetts, but it hasn’t happened yet. Although we can’t speak for local lawmakers, the legalization of marijuana would help so many people in the long run — and boost a state’s economy! Just look at Colorado! Their weed sales are booming, and patients are getting the relief they need from an all-natural substance. In our humble opinion, smoking marijuana is harmless compared to the pills sold at drug stores or prescription medicine.

Where To Buy Weed Seeds Online

You can buy weed seeds from Pacific Seed Bank! Now you can officially close all other Google tabs and stick with us. At Pacific Seed Bank, we believe weed seeds should be accessible to everyone, regardless of where you live. That’s why we ship our seeds to all corners of the US in a timely fashion. No more waiting around for the mail to arrive!

How To Grow Marijuana Plants Outside

Interested in growing marijuana outside? You’re a brave one! We say that because growing outside can be more challenging than growing inside. But if you’re up to the task, we’ve got the information you need. After you buy marijuana seeds in Rochester, pick a location to germinate them. Do you have a big back yard? Or a greenhouse? Or an open field nearby? Pick a spot and stick to it. Make sure that spot has enough access to sunlight and clean water. Also make sure the soil has enough nutrients in it, as they’re what marijuana plants eat and thrive on.

Holy moly. I'm blown away by Pacific Seed Bank's fast shipping. I ordered weed seeds on a Tuesday and they arrived merely two days later. That's the speed of Amazon Prime for all you online shoppers who are looking for a comparison!
Nancy C., Rochester, New Hampshire