Buy Marijuana Seeds In Concord

We hope that Pacific Seed Bank becomes your favorite place to buy marijuana seeds in Concord. Since marijuana is currently illegal in the state of North Carolina, your best bet for buying marijuana seeds is through an online seed bank.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Snowcap Feminized

Panama Red FeminizedGelato FeminizedSnowcap Feminized
THC Level16%23%22%
TreatsNausea, Anxiety, DepressionAnxiety, Depression, StressPain, Depression, Anxiety
Flowering Time75-85 days60-70 days60-70 days

How To Buy Weed Seeds Online

Welcome to the future! Now, you can buy marijuana seeds in Concord using the online checkout system at Pacific Seed Bank. With the help of our fast delivery system, you can buy weed seeds online in a matter of minutes. It typically takes 5-10 business days for your weed seeds to arrive.


How To Use Marijuana Without Getting High

Not into the psychoactive effects of marijuana? Not a problem! Thanks to a genius chemical compound by the name of CBD, you can reap the full benefits of marijuana without feeling high. You may also want to take advantage of topical cannabis products.  These products can help with a variety of skin and topical issues. CBD-based products are often used to help with…

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Insomnia

Concord Marijuana Laws

The marijuana laws in Concord state that both recreational and medical use of marijuana is illegal. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy marijuana seeds and germinate them at hope. There’s nothing in the rule book that says you can’t purchase marijuana seeds as long as you don’t harvest plants.

Short-Term Side Effects Of Marijuana

Have you ever smoked a lot of weed and then tried to enjoy a movie? Have you ever noticed that you don’t follow the plot as well as you do when you’re sober? That’s because some marijuana strains can temporarily alter your short-term memory. Before you buy marijuana seeds in Concord, find a THC level that works best with your tolerance.

All I care about in a weed seed company is consistency, and PSB has it! I've noticed in the past with other seed banks that some batches are good and others are crap. PSB does a good job of keeping up their quality levels year-round and with all strains. I haven't come across a bad batch in 10 months.
Ian T., Concord, North Carolina
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