What Is THC?

THC comes from the flowers of female marijuana plants, whereas CBD comes from the leaves of both male and female marijuana plants. Part of the reason marijuana is still illegal in Greensboro is that of its psychoactive properties that come from THC intake. THC is responsible for making smokers feel high, stoned, whatever you want to call it. CBD, on the other hand, has no psychoactive properties. It may be legal to buy CBD-based products in Greensboro. We’re 100% sure that it’s legal to buy marijuana seeds in Greensboro.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Skywalker OG Feminized

Middlefork FeminizedGirl Scout Cookies FeminizedSkywalker OG Feminized
THC Level25%20%19%
TreatsDepression, Anxiety, Lack of AppetiteStress, Pain, DepressionAnxiety, Pain, Depression
Flowering Time50-60 days55-65 days55-65 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Greensboro

Ready to buy marijuana seeds in Greensboro? Pacific Seed Bank is the perfect place to shop! Here’s a little bit about us. We sell marijuana seeds online and deliver them to all 50 states. You might be wondering, “How is that possible if all states have different marijuana laws?” Well, it’s legal to buy marijuana seeds in the United States as they do not contain TCH or CBD.


Greensboro Marijuana Laws

If you’re feeling upset or disappointed in the current marijuana laws, just know that there’s always room for change! America is becoming a more marijuana-friendly place state-by-state. That means, in the near future, North Carolina might jump on the legal marijuana train — at least medical marijuana. You may be able to help speed the process along by communicating with local lawmakers and making your voice known! Start a campaign, sign a petition, and so son! Find ways to get your point across.

Best Seed Banks Around The World

There are so many amazing seed banks around the world! We’ve been in the marijuana industry for a long time and have become familiar with some of the best seeds banks in the business.

  • Greenhouse Seeds
  • Dutch Passion
  • Sweet Seeds
  • Sensi Seeds
  • DNA Genetics

Benefits Of Growing Marijuana

Imagine if it were legal to grow marijuana in Greensboro. Wouldn’t that be so nice? The marijuana laws in North Carolina can change at any minute so it’s always best to be prepared and learn the benefits. Growing marijuana can be a great way to step outside and enjoy the outdoors. Similar to gardening, growing marijuana can be therapeutic for some. It can also be a convenient way to save money. If you have your own marijuana growing at home, you won’t have to shop at dispensaries.

How To Grow Marijuana Plants From Seeds

Ready to pick up a new hobby? Ready to excel in a hobby you’ve had under your belt for years? Pacific Seed Bank can help regardless of what your growing expertise is. For beginners, we recommend buying a grow tent to keep your crop protected from the elements and maintain the perfect temperature and level of humidity. For experienced growers, we have a bunch of marijuana seeds listed on our website. Buy marijuana seeds in Greensboro to take your hobbies to the next level!

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