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Today is a good day, dear reader, for it looks like you’ve finally found Pacific Seed Bank. Whether you’ve been searching tirelessly for weeks, or just simply stumbling upon our site, I can guarantee you’ll be glad you found us. Pacific Seed Bank is one of the top suppliers of marijuana seeds, and one of very few with such a robust online platform. Thanks to our partners, a greatly talented team of marijuana farmers and breeders, we’re able to offer our customers over 500 unique marijuana strains to choose from. Some might say that seems like a like, too much even. We get that. To make things easier, our platform has a function that filters results based on your preference. In addition, we’ve also installed a support module to help customers decipher all the relevant information. Well we’ve told you all about our platform, why don’t you come on inside and have a look? It’s the perfect time to buy marijuana seeds in Euclid.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Raskal OG Feminized

Island Sweet Skunk FeminizedRaskal OG FeminizedSkywalker OG Feminized
THC Level18%17%19%
TreatsDepression, Anxiety, NauseaDepression, Pain, Muscle SpasmsAnxiety, Pain, Depression
Flowering Time50-60 days50-60 days55-65 days

Is it legal to ship marijuana seeds?

Strangely enough it actually is legal to ship marijuana seeds. Even though the simple act of marijuana possession can still land felony charges in many states, and that the federal government still considers marijuana to be a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, no laws prevent the shipment of marijuana seeds across state lines. One less thing to worry about there.

In 2016, Ohio legalized medical marijuana, and due to slow implementation, the first dispensary didn’t open until 2019, but now they are slowly rolling out. Like other states with medical marijuana laws, a patient can possess up to three ounces of marijuana at home. Unfortunately, medical patients aren’t allowed to cultivate marijuana, though apparently there are, “provisions in the law [that] provide limited legal protections for qualifying patients who acquire cannabis from out-of-state sources prior to the operation of state-licensed dispensaries,” whatever that means.

In addition, Ohio has a decriminalized status for recreational use of marijuana. That means lighter punishments for people who are found to be in violation of the laws. It’s a small thing compared to outright legalization, but it’s better than nothing.


How can I decide on the right strain?

The first thing to determine is what your intended use is going to be. For example, recreational users generally seek out marijuana strains that have different properties than that of medical marijuana.

It is common for recreational users to seek out strains that have high levels of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol, or better known as THC. THC causes the high we associate with marijuana consumption; in more technical terms, it is responsible for the psychoactive elements. Common effects of THC are boosted creativity, feelings of euphoria, and sometimes drowsiness/sluggishness. If you are interested in using marijuana recreationally, here are some strains worth looking at:

And a host of others!

So many options to choose from, and so many changes happening around us. It truly is a wonderful time to buy marijuana seeds in Euclid.

I mainly grow marijuana as a hobby. I’m not sure why, but there’s something just so relaxing about it. Maybe that’s the marijuana. Ha!
Michael F., Euclid, OH
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