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Hello there! Today is an exciting day for the residents of Ohio, for we have put together a very special announcement for you: Pacific Seed Bank products are available to you! If you’ve never heard of us before, that’s quite alright, we’ll fill you in. Based out of the sunny state of California, Pacific Seed Bank is a highly reputable online retailer of marijuana seeds and other products. Why California? Well by now it’s common knowledge that the state has somewhat of a reputation for being a ‘Marijuana Mecca or a ‘Pot Paradise’ if you will, and there’s some solid reasoning behind. Throughout the decades, California has had a huge headstart in developing a functioning marijuana industry, more or less doing so beneath the radar of the law. But now that marijuana is legal here, we wanted to put the ample resources of this region to good use and use them to benefit the rest of the country. We want people all over the US to be able to enjoy the same level of access to marijuana that Californians have had for many years. That is why we’re so pleased to be able to offer customers fast, reliable, FREE nationwide shipping on all orders. Yes, you read that correctly. And with a catalog boasting over 500 individual strains to choose from, we know we have something for you. Really, we just wanted to make sure you had this excellent opportunity to buy marijuana seeds in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Schrom Feminized

Amnesia Haze AutofloweringSchrom FeminizedBig Devil Autoflowering
TreatsDepression, Stress, PainPain, Depression, StressStress, Pain, Depression
Flowering Time50-60 days65-75 days50-60 days

Is weed legal?

Unfortunately, recreational marijuana is not yet legal in Ohio, though it does appear that the state has been making some changes that could lead to a potential legalization movement. One of these is the reduced criminal status that recreational marijuana infractions hold, which will significantly reduce the number of marijuana-related prison sentences. This is huge, as it is one of the primary reasons for legalizing marijuana. The other recent change is the establishment of a medical marijuana program within the state. Even though voters approved such a program back in 2016, it took until 2019 for any licensed medical dispensaries to open, however, there are now 57 and counting. All of this points to a potential legalization movement, hopefully, sooner rather than later. Despite almost 100 years of federal prohibition, the last eight years have seen 22% of all US states legalize marijuana, so momentum is certainly on our side.

One big question we often get is whether or not you can get in trouble for ordering pot seeds over the internet. It’s true that federal regulations prevent legal states from being able to ship cultivated marijuana over state lines, so it makes sense to wonder about the seeds. Well, the good news here is that this only applies to the marijuana crops, and not the seeds themselves. So you’re free to order away if you like.


How can I find medical marijuana?

There are a few ways that you can navigate to some great medical marijuana strains via the search features on our website, but it’s also worth knowing that you can identify a medical strain by its relatively low THC content, and relatively higher CBD content. Here are a few examples you might enjoy:

And here is where you can find more medical marijuana strains like these. Yes, it really is a perfect time to buy marijuana seeds in Reynoldsburg. 

I really appreciate the relief I’ve gotten just from growing my own cannabis. It really helps when I don’t have to stand in those long lines at the dispensary. Thanks, PSB.
Peter B., Reynoldsburg, OH
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