Best Places To Buy Weed Seeds Online

In our humble opinion, the best place to buy weed seeds is from Pacific Seed Bank. We totally get that there are other seed banks out there with good product, but trust us when we say that we’re some of the best in the business. Weed seeds are what we do. They’re our entire lives and company. We don’t sell anything else because we wanted to perfect our craft in weed seeds. Want to try our product? Buy marijuana seeds in Springfield today!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains


ACDC CBDAmnesia Haze FeminizedPanama Red Feminized
THC Level2%20%16%
Flowering Time60-70 days65-75 days75-85 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Springfield

Stop shopping around for marijuana seeds. We have exactly what you need (and want) online! Springfield is a great place to be for marijuana seeds because you have so many options and so much freedom. You can legally grow and germinate our seeds once they arrive in the mail.


Can I Grow Marijuana Plants Outside?

Yes, you can! It’s legal to grow marijuana plants in the state of Oregon. You can either grow outside in your own private backyard or inside if you have a designated grow room with the proper equipment — such as a grow tent, grow lights, pot plants etc. We think it’s easier to grow marijuana indoors since the weather and climate have less of an effect on your plants.

Marijuana And Opioid Addiction

Despite the crazy opioid epidemic going on in America right now, very few lawmakers and politicians have settled on a solution. It’s pretty disturbing that no one knows how to help. Some say kratom is the answer, as it offers similar abilities to ease discomfort without the risk of addiction. Others claim marijuana is the key. All we know is that America would be much safer and healthier if opioids were out of the picture and marijuana was legal.

What Are The Marijuana Laws In Springfield?

Persons 21 and older can legally purchase marijuana seeds (and all marijuana-related products) from a dispensary. You don’t need a medical marijuana card anymore. Just make sure to bring a valid photo ID with you so the shop can verify your age. If you forget your ID, you won’t be allowed inside. They will turn you away at the door so make sure to come prepared.

Best Marijuana Strains For Energy

Trying to cut down on caffeine? Need help waking up in the morning? We’ve got just what you need! So many busy 9-5 workers are now trading in their cup of joe for something more natural — marijuana, of course. The stigma that marijuana keeps you locked on the couch all day is so outdated. There are so many strains out there perfect for increasing brain function and energy levels. Take a look at the kinds of high-energy strains we offer online — you may just be tempted to buy marijuana seeds in Springfield!

  • Green Crack
  • Durban Poison
  • Jillybean
  • Harlequin
  • Chocolope
  • Ghost Train Haze
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Cathy G., Springfield, Oregon