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Did you know that you can order weed seeds online from Pacific Seed Bank? We do not have a storefront or an address where you can come see us, but we do take care of all your marijuana seeds online. The best part of shopping online is that you can buy marijuana seeds in Jackson — or any city in the United States! We ship our weed seeds all across the country. If you’re visiting Jackson and want your seeds delivered to a different state, just let us know! We’ll take care of that for you.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

  • THC Level (%)

Mango Kush Feminized

  • Indica
  • Sativa
Super Skunk AutofloweringMango Kush FeminizedGelato Feminized
THC Level19%15%23%
TreatsPain, Stress, DepressionNausea, Insomnia, PainAnxiety, Depression, Stress
Flowering Time50-60 days55-65 days60-70 days

How Do The Munchies Happen?

Marijuana users are always talking about the munchies, but is it just an excuse to eat, and eat, and eat without feeling guilty? Oh, the marijuana made me do it! I wouldn’t have eaten that entire chocolate cake if it weren’t for marijuana! Is there any science behind this feeling? Well, according to some online articles, there is! THC appears to increase our sensitivity to taste and smells, thus making the experience of eating that much more enjoyable.


Jackson Marijuana Laws

Recreational and medical use of marijuana is illegal in Jackson — but that’s not to say you can’t buy marijuana seeds! Pacific Seed Bank sells marijuana seeds online and will ship them to your address. Our customers are consistently blown away by our fast shipping.

Can You Buy Hemp Oil In Jackson?

Hemp oil is actually more common in the United States than people may think. That’s because hemp oil doesn’t contain THC, the chemical compound that makes you feel high. It’s largely due to the effects of THC that marijuana is illegal. But since hemp oil is THC-free, it’s legal in many places. You can typically buy hemp oil at grocery and beauty stores.

How To Grow Marijuana Plants In Jackson

Even though it’s illegal to grow marijuana plants in Jackson, we’d still love to walk you through the process. You just never know when you’ll move to a different state with a different set of laws! Below is a list of things you’ll need to successfully grow marijuana plants.

  • A light source
  • Pants plots
  • An air/wind source
  • Soil
  • Plant nutrients
  • A grow tent

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Jackson

It’s true — you can buy marijuana seeds in Jackson from Pacific Seed Bank! If you’ve been living in Jackson for long enough, you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t any dispensaries around town. That’s because medical and recreational marijuana is illegal. What’s a marijuana lover to do in this situation? Well, one option is shopping at Pacific Seed Bank for marijuana seeds. Our website is packed with seeds of all varieties from a multitude of different strains. Shop online today for some of the best marijuana seeds in the business!

I'm not loyal to any seed bank. I jump around from place to place a lot but often find myself returning to Pacific Seed Bank cause no other place has fast shipping like this place does.
Victor G., Jackson, Tennessee
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