How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Bountiful

Have you thought about buying marijuana seeds online, but weren’t sure where to look? Pacific Seed Bank is the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Bountiful! Our online inventory is stocked with dozens of strains of ungerminated marijuana seeds, which are legal to own in Utah! Ungerminated seeds are considered a novelty item and are therefore not prohibited under state laws. To get started, shop our online catalog for your favorite seeds, check out using our secure server, and we’ll ship your seeds directly to your door! Delivery is fast and discreet, and our friendly customer service agents are available to help you every step of the way.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Grapefruit Autoflowering

Grapefruit AutofloweringCream AutofloweringMango Kush Autoflowering
THC Level19%16%15%
Flowering Time50-60 days45-55 days40-60 days

Is it Legal to Grow Your Own Marijuana in Bountiful?

Currently, marijuana cultivation is outlawed in the state of Utah, and recreational marijuana use remains prohibited in Bountiful as well. Although a medical marijuana law was signed in 2018, it has yet to take effect. When it does, Utah patients may receive a prescription for medical marijuana from a physician for a state qualifying condition, such as ALS. Medical marijuana will be available from state run dispensaries in the form of tinctures and concentrates, and unprocessed flowers. Ungerminated marijuana seeds, like those sold by Pacific Seed Bank, are legal to buy and own as they are legally considered novelty items. Want to help change the outdated marijuana laws in your state? Get involved with your local chapter of NORML, email your representatives, and make sure you’re registered to vote in upcoming elections!

Growing Marijuana at Home

Although growing marijuana is currently prohibited in Utah, it’s not illegal to read! To learn more about how to grow marijuana, check out our Marijuana Education tab on our home page. You’ll find our Beginning Grower’s Guide and Germination Guide, as well as beginner, intermediate, and advanced marijuana growing information. For more marijuana information, check out our blog.

America’s #1 Marijuana Seed Bank

As American’s premiere marijuana seed bank, Pacific Seed Bank is proud to be the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Bountiful. All of our high quality, ungerminated cannabis seeds come from our trusted community of growers, who have over 20 years of experience cultivating marijuana plants. All of our seeds are fully feminized and ship directly to you in contamination free glass vials. Shop now to get started!

PSB has a huge selection of Diesel strains, including Super Sour, Strawberry, and Grapefruit Diesel. Their prices are great, too!
Mick H., Bountiful, Utah