Where Can I Smoke Marijuana?

Even if Utah was a more marijuana-friendly state, and everyone had access to it, there are still places where it’s illegal to smoke. The best and safest place to smoke is at home (if you live in a smoke-friendly building). Some complexes don’t allow smoking of any kind, cigarettes or marijuana. It’s illegal to smoke in public places such as the park, a parking garage, and close to any school or church. Please abide by these rules after you buy marijuana seeds in South Jordan.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Super Lemon Haze Feminized

Sour Diesel FeminizedAK-47 FeminizedSuper Lemon Haze Feminized
THC Level23%19%22%
Flowering Time60-70 days55-65 days60-70 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In South Jordan

We’ve got good news for all you marijuana lovers! Just because there aren’t any dispensaries in South Jordan, doesn’t mean you don’t have quick and easy access to marijuana seeds. In fact, we invite you to shop for marijuana seeds on our website at Pacific Seed Bank. Our growers in California have perfected the art of growing marijuana seeds that we deliver to your address!


Marijuana Laws In South Jordan

Utah isn’t known as the most marijuana-place in the United States, but that’s not the say the times ain’t changing! Did you know that local church groups are in support of legalizing medical marijuana by the end of 2018? Yes, seriously. Who said God and marijuana can’t co-exist?

Can I Buy Weed Seeds In South Jordan?

RIGHT HERE. You can buy weed seeds from Pacific Seed Bank! It seems counter-intuitive to have legal weed seeds but marijuana plants, but hey, we’re not complaining! Look around our website for a peek at the seeds we offer online and their descriptions. Remember, every marijuana strain is different. Each strain comes with its own set of traits and benefits. You can’t go wrong when picking!

How To Grow Marijuana Plants Tips

Did you know that some marijuana strains can grow up to eight feet tall? Needless to say, marijuana plants take up a lot of room. You’ll need to dedicate a space (either outdoor or indoor) to become your grow room. Growing marijuana indoors is a lot easier because your plants will be shielded from external elements, like the extreme heat and cold.

I love Pacific Seed Bank because their customer service is so.damn.nice. The first time I shopped here I had no idea what seeds to pick, and this nice lady was so eager and willing to help out.
Dean G., South Jordan, Utah