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Want to buy marijuana seeds in Chesapeake? Then look no further! Pacific Seed Bank has the marijuana seeds that you need. As one of North America’s largest online retailers of cannabis seeds, we carry over 100 strains of fully feminized marijuana seeds for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for indica, sativa, or CBD seeds, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for in our online inventory. We make it easy to buy online;  just select your seeds, buy online through our secure server, and we’ll deliver them right to your door! We offer flat rate shipping with tracking on every order.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Herijuana Feminized

Herijuana FeminizedIngrid FeminizedOG Kush Feminized
THC Level24%24%26%
Flowering Time60-70 days50-60 days50-60 days

Get Blueberry Kush Weed Seeds Online Now

Blueberry Kush is an indica dominant strain of cannabis; at 90% indica, it can barely be called a hybrid. This kush strain is best enjoyed in the evening or before bed. It is known and appreciated for its calm, relaxing vibes, ability to reduce stress and anxiety, and sleep inducing properties. This marijuana plant grows well indoors or outdoors, and produces an estimated yield of 450-600 grams per plant, which is a lot.


Is Growing Marijuana Plants Legal in Chesapeake?

At this time, marijuana is considered a schedule 1 drug in the state of Virginia. That means it is prohibited to buy, possess, or grow marijuana plants in Chesapeake. Unfortunately, this applies to not only recreational marijuana, but medical marijuana as well. However, you can still buy ungerminated marijuana seeds, like those sold by Pacific Seed Bank. Ungerminated seeds are considered collector’s items and are legal to own. We carry over 100 strains of fully feminized, ungerminated cannabis seeds for you to choose from. Sick of the oppressive marijuana laws in your state? Join your local marijuana activist group, call or email your local legislators, and make sure you’re registered to vote!

Healthy Snack Alternatives For the Munchies

The munchies; they happen to the best of us. Because marijuana is an appetite stimulator, it is common to feel hungry after using cannabis products. However, it’s also easy to overeat when high, and if you’re trying to lose weight, that can put a real damper on your enjoyment. To avoid cheating on your diet, try not to keep sugary or carb-loaded snacks in the house, like chips and cookies. Instead, try some of these healthy alternatives for snack time:

  • Fresh Fruit: Slice it up ahead of time to save yourself trouble.
  • Celery and Peanut Butter: Delicious when you were 5, still delicious today.
  • Beef Jerky: A great source of protein. Just try not to eat the whole bag.
  • Trail Mix: Satisfy all your cravings at once with a sweet and salty blend.

And since cotton mouth is all too common of a thing as well, we recommend skipping sodas and energy drinks in favor of tea, coconut water, or our personal favorite, good old fashioned H2O.

Find Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Chesapeake

Pacific Seed Bank is the #1 place to buy marijuana seeds in Chesapeake. As North America’s most trusted seed bank, we work together with our dedicated community of breeders to bring you high quality, fully feminized, ungerminated marijuana seeds. All of our seeds are lab tested for genetic quality before being shipped directly to your door. Want relevant updates about the marijuana industry? Follow us on social media to stay up to date on special promotions and seasonal sales, and sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win free seeds!

The first time I ordered from Pacific Seed Bank was about a year ago. I haven’t shopped anywhere else since! They have the best selection of seeds and their delivery is super fast. I think my record for receiving a package was 5 days!
Miranda B., Chesapeake, Virginia
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