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Pacific Seed Bank is the #1 place to buy marijuana seeds in Danville! We stock over 100 strains of fully feminized, ungerminated marijuana seeds in our online inventory, including indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, as well as high content CBD seeds. To buy online, simply shop our catalog for your favorite strains, check out using our safe and secure online payment portal, and we’ll ship your seeds right to your door. Shipping is fast and discreet, and we offer tracking on every order.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Juicy Fruit Feminized

Dutch Treat FeminizedHeadband FeminizedJuicy Fruit Feminized
THC Level24%23%23%
Flowering Time55-65 days60-70 days55-65 days

Best Marijuana Themed Movies to Watch

There is an entire subculture that has “grown” up around marijuana and marijuana use. In fact, so many films have been made about cannabis, it may be a genre all its own. Generally feel-good comedies, cannabis culture movies are usually irreverent romps through the world of our favorite famous stoners, such as Seth Rogen or Dave Chapelle. Here are our top picks of marijuana infused films:

  • Grandma’s Boy
  • Pineapple Express
  • How High
  • Half Baked
  • Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

We can’t talk about stoner movies without mentioning the pioneers of cannabis cinema: Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. Cheech and Chong made their first marijuana-infused film, Up in Smoke, in 1978, and in the decades since have continued to ingrain themselves into the American cannabis subculture. 


A New Generation of Marijuana Edibles

If you live in a state with legalized recreational marijuana, you’ve undoubtedly seen the impressive new variations of edibles available in dispensaries. Gummy candies, cookies, and candy are all extremely popular, as are more obscure products such as mints or cough drops. Many dispensaries now carry specialty products such as marijuana infused tea and honey. There is even a Netflix original series called Cooking on High, in which contestants compete to create the best marijuana infused dishes for celebrity guest judges. Want to learn more about marijuana edibles? Check out our blog for great recipes and tips on making your own cannabis infused edibles!

Is it Legal to Grow Marijuana in Danville?

Unfortunately, recreational marijuana is currently prohibited in Danville, although there are some limited provisions for medical marijuana via CBD concentrates in the state of Virginia. CBD extracts may be prescribed by a doctor for state qualifying conditions. Although cultivation is strongly prohibited, it is legal to purchase ungerminated marijuana seeds. Ungerminated cannabis seeds are considered adult novelty gifts, and are not restricted paraphernalia under state and federal laws. Want to help change the oppressive anti-marijuana laws in your state? Get involved with your chapter of NORML, call or email your local representatives, and make sure to vote on important ballot initiatives!

Where to Get Weed Seeds Online

Pacific Seed Bank is the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Danville. Our online catalog is fully stocked with a huge selection of fully feminized, ungerminated weed seeds, including indica, sativa, and hybrid variations, as well as high content CBD seeds and autoflowering varieties of your favorite strains. To view our selection of high quality CBD seeds, click here.

I can’t believe how many strains this store carries! They really have everything, including a bunch of new strains I’ve never even heard of. There’s a ton of information for each one, so I always know what I’m getting.
Micah J., Danville, VA