Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Purple Kush Autoflowering

Purple Kush AutofloweringAmnesia Haze FeminizedJean Guy Feminized
THC Level18%20%19%
Flowering Time40-50 days65-75 days65-75 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Parkersburg

Just because there aren’t any open dispensaries yet, doesn’t mean you can’t buy marijuana seeds in Parkersburg! With the help of online seed banks, you won’t need to shop in-person anymore. This is the future. All of your marijuana seeds can be met online. On our website, you can look through our collection of seeds and add your favorites to your cart. After that, we’ll handle the shipping and delivery! We ship to all 50 states so you can enjoy your product on trips and adventures around the US!


Is Marijuana Legal In Parkersburg?

Medical marijuana has been legal in Parkersburg since 2017. When it first became legal, you must have been dying to run to the closest dispensary and spend your entire paycheck on marijuana. But wait — not so fast! There aren’t any open dispensaries in Parkersburg yet! Lawmakers made 2019 the opening date for dispensaries throughout West Virginia. When the New Year rolls around, you’ll be able to step foot inside dispensaries with a medical card — and you have to be 21 and older.

Tips On How To Grow Marijuana Plants

Our biggest tip is to protect your marijuana plants and keep them in a controlled environment. Find ways to regulate temperature, humidity, rainfall, sunlight, and so on to keep your plants as healthy as possible.

Shopping For Weed Seeds Online

We offer a variety of weed seeds on our website, all of which are great for planting, growing, and germinating. We know some people who love collecting weed seeds from all around the world, and others who actually enjoy snacking on our seeds. Research suggests that weed seeds can be good for your health as they contain a number of essential nutrients that our bodies can benefit from. Below is a list of seeds you can choose from

  • Autoflowering
  • Medical
  • Regular
  • Feminized
  • Clone

Is Marijuana Safe To Use?

Not only is marijuana safe to use, but it’s actually good for your health and may help you live a healthier lifestyle. We wouldn’t be in the marijuana industry if we didn’t believe in the product or use it in our daily lives. It’s perfectly safe to smoke marijuana every day.  In fact, it’s the only drug on the market that doesn’t become addictive or harmful after consistent years of use. Name another drug that can do that! Go on, we’ll wait. Have you convinced you to buy marijuana seeds in Parkersburg yet? You won’t regret it!

Everyone here is so nice and welcoming! Sometimes I think people in the marijuana industry have a ``too cool for school`` attitude about their business -- but that's not the case here. I'm greeted with a friendly hello every time I shop online.
Walter E., Parkersburg, West Virginia