Best Online Seed Bank

While we’d never claim to the be the best, we’re not afraid to admit we’re definitely up there! We’ve been in the marijuana industries and are proud of our extensive knowledge. But just in case you want to buy marijuana seeds in Eau Claire from a different seed bank (these ones are in-person), we have some good options for you.

  • Barney’s Farm
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Dinafem
  • Greenhouse Seeds
  • Sensi Seeds

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Cream Autoflowering

AK-47 FeminizedJuicy Fruit FeminizedCream Autoflowering
THC Level19%23%16%
Flowering Time55-65 days55-65 days45-55 days

Eau Claire Marijuana Laws

If you’re feeling upset or bummed out about the current marijuana laws in Eau Claire, keep your head up! If other parts of the United States can come around to legalize marijuana (or at least medical marijuana), then so can Wisconsin. In fact, there’s a strong push for legalizing medical marijuana in some cities. You’ve probably noticed that there aren’t any dispensaries in Eau Claire, so your best choice for buying marijuana seeds is through an online seed bank, like Pacific Seed Bank!


How To Grow Marijuana Outdoors

Growing marijuana isn’t the easiest task in the world (it’s much harder than growing indoors), but there are actually a lot of benefits to growing outside. You get lots of fresh air and you’ll get a lot of exercise out of caring for your plants on a daily basis. Plus, you get to learn a new skill that may come in handy in the future if you want to grow other plants.

How To Pick The Right Weed Seeds

Don’t worry, we’re right here if you have any questions! We offer descriptions for all of our weed seeds to help you make an informed choice before buying. If you need an extra hand, don’t hesitate to holler. Someone is always online to take your questions and help you pick the right weed seeds for your needs and lifestyle.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Eau Claire

As mentioned earlier, buying marijuana seeds from an online seed bank may be your only chance in Eau Claire since there aren’t any dispensaries around town. And don’t worry about obtaining a marijuana card because we don’t ask for that. You don’t need to verify your reason for smoking marijuana to get seeds from us. The seeds themselves are harmless without any THC or CBD.

Marijuana Use For Insomnia

Can’t fall asleep at night? Are so many thoughts running through your head that you can’t get comfy? Has your partner been negatively affected by your rocky sleep patterns? If you answered yes to any of these questions, marijuana might be your answer! Powerful indica strains are a great way to relax after a long day — and you can buy marijuana seeds in Eau Claire right from our website! We recommend any strain that makes you sleep or drowsy. We write descriptions for all of our seeds so you can make the right choice!

I learn something new about marijuana every time I shop from PSB. Their blog and website are really informative, and the woman online was so educational when helping me shop for seeds.
Katherine R., Eau Claire, Wisconsin