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When it comes to high-quality marijuana seeds in Muskego, look no further than Pacific Seed Bank. We are America’s premiere online seed bank, proudly offering an impressive selection of marijuana strains. Our online catalog contains hundreds of different weed seeds, including high-CBD strains perfect for aches, along with old classics and new favorites. From fruity to citrus and earthy, we carry a wide variety of different flavors and aromas, perfect for any taste buds. All of our seeds come backed by our bullet-proof 90% Germination Guarantee, which means that if at least nine out of 10 of your seeds fail to germinate, we will replace the duds free of charge, no questions asked. So go ahead and browse our online catalog, checking out our detailed education pages for tips and tricks. Once you find the seeds you need, simply check out online and within days your seeds will be at your front door. We hand package all orders and ship them out quickly and discreetly. So what are you waiting for? Buy marijuana seeds in Muskego today!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Permafrost Feminized

Northern Lights FeminizedPermafrost FeminizedTangerine Dream Feminized
Flowering Time50-60 days70-80 days60-70 days

Can I Grow Marijuana in Muskego?

The short answer is no. Growing marijuana in the entire state of Wisconsin remains illegal, along with all recreational use. Even though more and more states are taking steps to make marijuana more accessible and legalize the plant, not much change has come to the Badger State yet. So far, medical marijuana has only been legalized in very limited form. People with seizure disorders are allowed to take cannabidiol in non-psychoactive forms. One piece of good news for marijuana fans is that you can still legally purchase marijuana seeds from online seed banks like Pacific. It is completely legal under federal regulations, which state that ungerminated marijuana seeds are collector’s items. So you can order seeds from us risk-free!

What Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

If you’ve been looking for marijuana seeds then you’ve probably come across the term “feminized seeds” before. But what does it mean for seeds to be male or female? Feminized seeds come from female plants that had no male involved in the seed production. Having no male plant means that there will be no Y chromosome or male seeds. Having only female seeds will help streamline the growing process and save time and space. Only female marijuana seeds produce the cannabinoid-rich flowers that offer the flavor and effects consumers want. This is why growing cannabis from regular seeds which are typically half male, half female, isn’t very efficient. Having too many male plants can even spoil your grow. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about that when you order from us, since all of our seeds are fully feminized and designed to give you the best yields possible.

Our Best-Selling Weed Seeds

With hundreds of different weed seeds to choose from in our online catalog, it can be difficult to find your seeds. Luckily, we’re here to give you some of our best-selling seeds to help you narrow it down to a few favorites. Buy marijuana seeds in Muskego today and discover the Pacific Seed Bank difference. Here are some of our best-selling seeds:

I have had great success with PSB and can’t wait to order from them again. I originally heard about them from a friend and decided to give them a try. So happy I did. Their seeds are great quality and was super easy to communicate with the customer service team. Highly recommend these folks!
Dillon P., Muskego, WI