With technology taking over, the number of hardcore bookworms out their might be decreasing. We fear that some people underestimate the sensation of curling up with a good book. It takes no effort at all, just a cozy blanket, some chocolate milk, and the perfect marijuana strain. Marijuana and reading go hand-in-hand thanks to their relaxing properties. 

Give your eyes and a break once in a while and turn to books instead of watching TV or scrolling through your Instagram feed on your phone. In this article, you’ll learn about the connection marijuana and reading have, as well as which strains to turn to for the occasion!

Reading For Pleasure

Were you the type of person who never read the books assigned to you in English class? Classics like Of Mice And Men, To Kill A Mockingbird, and George Orwell’s 1984 were definitely overlooked by students in the schools we went to. CliffsNotes and Spark Notes were all we needed to pass a test back then. 

Clearly, there’s a big difference in reading for pleasure and reading because somebody told you to. We know your days are super busy and packed, but come on, there’s always time to squeeze in a little reading and smoking.

Readers typically want a clear and open mind while turning the pages. No more distractions, no more stressors. Just the words on the page. To help keep an open mind, try one of these marijuana strains.

  • Lamb’s Bread
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Blue Dream
  • Northern Lights
  • Laughing Buddha

Reading For Business

As mentioned earlier, there will be times in your life when you’ll be semi-forced to read — even when the topic doesn’t interest you. We all have a favorite genre, whether it’s comedy, romance, drama, non-fiction, fiction, biographies, memoirs, etc. But sometimes the cards don’t work in our favor. 

We actually recommend a different set of marijuana strains for these trying times. Instead of keeping an open mind, you might want to find a strain that helps you focus and concentrate. When you’re reading a text that doesn’t spark your interest, it’s easy to glaze over the words without actually taking in the sentence.

If you’re the type of person who gets easily distracted while reading or loves to daydream, reach for a strain that boosts productivity and motivation. You may need some to make it through the page. Try one of these strains!

  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Green Crack
  • Jack Herer
  • Durban Poison

Stoner Reads That You’ll Lovereading-while-using-marijuana

We’re going to shift gears for a moment to supply you with the best stoner reads Barns & Noble has to offer. Or whatever bookstore you go to. Now that we know marijuana can affect your reading abilities, we can recommend a list of books about stoners. There are plenty of movies about stoner life (Pineapple Express, The Big Lebowski, Harold & Kumar, and so), so why wouldn’t there be books, too?

  • Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson
  • The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe
  • Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
  • The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac
  • The Beach by Alex Garland

Reading And The Brain

While there isn’t a whole lot of scientific research on marijuana and reading, we know enough about indicas and sativas to predict their outcome of enjoying a good (or mandatory) book. And besides, it’s all subjective at the end of the day anyway! 

We’re here to merely suggest certain strains to do depending on the situation. What works for you may not work for your friend or family member. If there’s one thing to take from this article, it’s to read more! Seriously, reading has such a positive impact on the brain and body.

  • Mental Stimulation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Vocabulary Expansion
  • Memory Improvement
  • Improved Focus

Have you convinced you to pick up a book yet? Make some time this weekend to really focus on you. #SelfCare. We deal with enough screens as it is. For some of us, it’s our job to stare at a screen for nine hours a day. Your body and brain will thank you for turning to a book on a lazy day at home.

Clearing Up Marijuana’s Name

Okay, finally we’re getting to the good stuff! Marijuana was finally able to squash its negative stigma. Well, partially at least. Marijuana was very much characterized as something the cool and quirky kids did, along with the loners of the group. If you’ve ever seen The Breakfast Club (1985), you know what we’re talking about. Then, in 1998, Hunter Thompson’s book Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas was finally turned into a film. This release marked the modern portrayal of marijuana in movies.

You know those people who claim marijuana is a gateway drug? That nightmare was still alive and well in the 90s and early 2000s. As the new century dawned, marijuana and drug use in cinema split into two different directions. The first revolved around serious drug addiction with extreme mental and health consequences — see Trainspotting (1996), Requiem For A Dream (2000), Enter The Void (2009). You may never want to touch drugs ever again after watching these.

On the other hand, light-hearted movies such as The Big Lebowski and Dazed and Confused marijuana use as relaxing, chill, and something to do when you’re bored with no real consequences. Marijuana was suddenly comical as opposed to life-threatening. These films introduced the stoner/slacker stereotype into marijuana. Ergo, all smokers were lazy, dumb, and lacked any sort of motivation to live in the real world with 9-5 jobs.

The Turning Point

After Colorado’s marijuana legalization in 2014, marijuana and movies were joined at the hip. You couldn’t have one without the other. What happened in Colorado really calmed audiences down. Even conservatives thought, “Hey, if the government approved it, it must not be so bad.” Movies like Saving Grace (2000), Super High Me (2007), and Pineapple Express (2008) really drive that prospective home.

If you’re on the hunt for additional marijuana movies, check out Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004), How High (2001), and This Is The End (2013). You won’t be disappointed.