The Best Ways to Consume Cannabis That Don’t Involve Smoking

Consuming cannabis is no longer about stealthily puffing on a hand-rolled joint or McGuyvered bong in the basement. As marijuana becomes mainstream, consumers demand more innovative – and quite frankly, healthier – methods of partaking in America’s favorite secret past-time.

At what point did marijuana become synonymous with big fat blunts and bongs? Cannabis culture is as diverse as the strains available on the market today (over 800, with more on a yearly basis), and not everyone can relate to the Snoops and Willie Nelson’s of the world.

Regardless of your decision to engage with cannabis, be it medical, recreation, or simply experimental, there’s nothing holding you back from exploring the many benefits associated with this traditionally therapeutic plant. Experience the healing powers of cannabis without the health risks; put down the lighter and try one of these methods of consuming cannabis, instead.

  • Vaping
    • We’ve been warned of the general dangers of smoking for decades now, and smoking marijuana is no exception. Despite its medical benefits, combusting marijuana plant material still results in the production of harmful chemicals that are transported via the smoke into the body where they are deposited into the bloodstream and lungs.
    • Vaping became the obvious solution to this problem. Vaporizers, which can be as small as a pen or as large as a humidifier, steadily heat the herb to a temperature hot enough to cause decarboxylation (the process by which the original compounds like THC-A and CBD-A are converted into their useful by-products THC and CBD respectively), and the cannabinoids are inhaled in steam as opposed to smoke. Additionally, vaping isn’t anywhere near as odorous as smoking, a fact that makes it easier for folks to enjoy their medicine without alerting others to what’s going on.
  • Ediblesconsuming-marijuana
    • Not everyone wants to roll a joint or even to puff on a pen stuffed with pot. That’s what makes oral consumption methods like edibles so popular. Not to mention you will experience a different kind of high once the active compounds are broken down in the liver. Cannabis edibles were one of the first out-of-the-box products to make marijuana, medical or recreational, accessible to a wider range of individuals.
    • If you aren’t purchasing pre-made products from a reputable retailer, you can always dabble in whipping up your own. Always start with high-quality plants, preferably those you’ve harvested from your own garden. Though you could chop up the plant material and add it right to your cookie dough, you won’t really experience the benefits (not to mention the fact that cannabis has an acquired taste and you’d need a lot of chocolate to cover it up). Instead, infuse coconut oil or butter and use that to bake, cook, or even spread on your evening toast. Note: cannabinoids are not water-soluble, which is why THC teas are relatively weak. To take full advantage of their potent potential, you need to combine plant material with a fat, hence the suggestion of coconut oil or butter.
  • Concentrated Oils
    • Cannabis oils are fast gaining in popularity not only because they deliver a pure dose of cannabinoids, but they are extremely versatile. Oils can either be taken orally alone, combined with food or drink for an interesting infusion, or applied topically to heal sores, reduce inflammation, or promote healthier skin.
    • In 2003, cannabis oil put Canadian engineer Rick Simpson on the map. Since then, Simpson has made it his mission to disseminate the healing concoction across North America to those who need it most, without charging a dime.
  • Tinctures
    • Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts, made with alcohol, that offer easy dosage control and fast-acting effects. Often, you only need a few drops under the tongue for almost immediate results. Sublingual ingestion of tinctures is effective because the cannabinoids are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, where if ingested on an empty stomach they would still need to be broken down by the liver before they have a chance to produce the desired effects.
    • It’s possible to make tinctures at home from the plants you’ve been growing in your garden, they prove just another of the many ways you can stretch your cannabis crop and get more bang for your buck.
  • Topicals
    • Sometimes you need targeted relief that a joint just can’t touch. Patients suffering from inflammation or rashes, skin conditions like eczema, even period crams, have been opting for cannabis-infused lotions and balms that provide immediate and localized relief without any psychoactive side effects (THC can’t pass through the skin to get to the bloodstream). From relieving itchy, dry, inflamed skin to improving your sex life (more so for her than for him, sorry fellas!).

However you choose to consume, make your marijuana experience your own! And always start with the highest quality cannabis available, the kind you’ve grown yourself from the huge selection of top-quality seeds available online from Pacific Seed Bank.