After nine or ten at night, there are those who want nothing more than a strong indica so that they can unwind and get some solid shut eye. And then there are those where life doesn’t truly even start to begin until the sun has set and the last thing they want is something that could have them locked to their couches or heading off to bed. On nights like these, you’ll want to reach for energetic strains to keep you up ’til dawn.

It is to this group–the night owls–that this blog is dedicated. This is for those who are looking for a strain that will keep them going so that they can head out and dance and party the night away or who want something that will help with their social anxiety before heading to a large work gathering. This is for festival go-ers who want to keep the good vibes going and is also for those who simply love the night and find that they get their best work done then.

In this article, I’ll provide you with just a few of the many fabulous energetic strains that you can obtain from Pacific Seed Bank that should please most any late-night reveler and/or nocturnally-inclined cannabis user. While there are actually some indica-dominant hybrids around that also work well for night owls, the focus here will be on the cerebrally-invigorating, energy-inducing, social, chatty sativa hybrids.

Energetic Strains

Five of Our Best-Selling Energetic Strains

Super Silver Haze

This is a classic, multiple award-winning sativa-heavy hybrid that is known and loved for its long-lasting, energetic high. Spicy and citrusy Super Silver Haze will help you start your night off with a happy, uplifting boost of energy that will cause you to want to get moving (or dancing). Any stress you may have been carrying before using this incredibly potent sativa will quickly dissipate, making room for lots of good, upbeat vibes for going out with friends into the wee hours and feeling nothing but some super chill body buzz–without the couch lock–and a head full of joyful, bliss. One note of caution, for those who have a lower tolerance to THC, Super Silver Haze is sometimes referred to as a “one-hitter-quitter,” as just one hit can go quite a long way for some. 

Laughing Buddha

As its name implies, Laughing Buddha is known for filling the bellies of its users with deep mirthful laughter and delight. This fun sativa is all about the good times, which is exactly what makes it such a great party strain when you and your friends are planning to hit the dance floor. Laughing Buddha makes for an energizing treat for the senses that delivers an incredible cerebral high and a huge recharge of creative energy. This sativa-heavy hybrid makes for an excellent sharing option in social settings, and before you know it you and everyone at the party will be talking and giggling the night away. Many users say that it works its “magic” by bringing out one’s joyful and silly side–thereby often resulting in belly-aching laughter. In addition, its focus-inducing properties aren’t just beneficial to wake-an-bakers who are wanting to accomplish work-related tasks, they also benefit those whose objective of the night is to party for as long as possible in the best state of mind possible.

Energetic Strains


Chronic is a perfectly-balanced hybrid that offers a high that’s as balanced as this strain is. Considered a “living legend,” this 50/50 hybrid is so solid that in the same year that it was released, it placed 3rd in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Chronic’s high, which can last as long as 6 hours, begins with an amped, energetic charge of creativity, exhilaration, happiness, chattiness, and a belly-rousing case of the giggles. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect strain for members of the night owl family, then I’m not sure what else to suggest! However, do be mindful that when used in higher quantities, Chronic can result in sleepiness, but otherwise it should provide users with total relaxation, leisureliness, and a desire to raid the kitchen pantry.

Agent Orange

Known and named for its incredibly sweet orange flavor and smell (as opposed to an evil herbicidal warfare tactic), Agent Orange is a sativa-dominant hybrid that uplifts versus debilitates you. Agent Orange is a fast-hitter that many describe as a classic “head to body” high. As a strongly sativa-leaning strain, Agent Orange relaxes without sedating, making you feel joyful, smiley, inspired, creative, and motivated. In short, all of the attributes that make this an ideal strain for unwinding while simultaneously getting that wake-and-bake energetic boost to merrily go about your day, are the same ones that make it a fun option as a pre-game strain when going out at night or just staying up late and getting some things done at home to be they creative or practical projects.

Energetic Strains

Jesus OG

While the name “Jesus” and “partying” might not seem synonymous with one another, when it comes to the sativa-heavy Jesus OG cannabis strain, there’s no other combo that could be more “holy.” With its psychedelic effects, Jesus OG will elevate your mind to a happy state of euphoria. Used in moderation, Jesus OG uplifts with a rush of energy. However, if you choose to exceed your tolerance level, it’ll likely do the exact opposite by locking you to your couch. Like the fictional deity that this strain is named for, Jesus OG is something of a miracle worker in that its ability to put users into an introspective state can make for the ideal way to spend a night up just mulling over life while maybe sketching or painting or working on the latest song you’ve been writing or learning, while its spirit-lifting effects can leave you feeling social and more conversational and ready to go out.

  • Have any of your tried our energetic strains?
  • Which one is your favorite?
  • Which one are you hoping to grow at home next?
  1. Beverly Fults says:

    Haven’t tried any yet but everything I have ordered before is the best iv ever had going to start with Jesus OG and work my way up can’t wait

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