Only in America is every other commercial on TV an advertisement for prescription drugs. Seriously, I’ve vacationed from Thailand to Germany to Canada and no other country sells drugs like the US. Only in America do we say, “Ask your doctor if BLANK is right for you!” I have a feeling that this stirs up trouble for our mental health.

And by the way, shouldn’t the doctor say if BLANK is right for me?! They’re the professionals! They went to medical school, and I sure as hell didn’t. Based on my analysis of American advertisements, I have to wonder if pharmaceuticals care more about money than your actual health. Currently, all signs point to yes. It’s a good thing that we discovered the mental health benefits of marijuana to get through these tough times.

When an offer arrived in my inbox to work in the marijuana industry, I jumped on it quicker than anything in my life. Why? Because I believe in the mental health benefits of marijuana. I’m no doctor, but as a smoker myself, I can confidently speak on the positives of this plant.

mental health benefits of marijuana

Marijuana Can Tell Your Mind To Check Out

When the world proves to be too much, like it is at this very moment with coronavirus and the George Floyd protests, marijuana can help you take pause. I rely on a potent indica to clear my mind and zone out. News headlines bother me less, my dinner tastes better, and I tune in to a movie rather than the internet.

It Can Spark New, Creative Ideas

One night, when I was high on that indica I just mentioned, I had the brilliant idea to quit Instagram altogether. With the current state of the world, I noticed how angry people were at each other—not just the police or the justice system—but actually at each other! Two strangers just yelling back and forth in the comments section of a post…as if that’s supposed to solve anything? I’m done with Instagram until the world calms down.

mental health benefits of marijuana

It Can Bring People Together For Social Engagement

Even as a hardcore introvert, I believe that humans, in general, are social beings. We require the presence of at least one other person throughout the day. Thanks to coronavirus, however, most of us haven’t seen our friends and family in months. The next time you feel low in your mental health, invite people over that you trust (and are healthy) for a marijuana party! The right strain can turn a regular couch night into a celebration.

mental health benefits of marijuana

It Can Help Manage Physical Pain

When your body hurts, your mind follows suit. The two are connected more than you can imagine. Got a toothache? A migraine? Menstrual cramps? Chances are that your mood sinks as well during these times of discomfort.

It Can Turn You Away From Alcohol

Listen, every drug on the planet has its downsides. Some would even say that TV and coffee are addictive drugs, so even though marijuana has potential health risks, it’s undoubtedly a healthier choice than alcohol. Smokers have reported that marijuana helped them to ease up on the alcohol and overcome alcoholism as you trade one habit in for another. While all types of alcohol fall under the “depressant” category, many sativa strains behave more like “uppers.”

What’s Your Mental Health Story?

Now more than ever, we see the rates of mental health distress go up, and up, and up. Could it be due to Instagram? Or COVID-19? Or the protests? Or the fear of what could possibly come next in 2020? We say all of the above. In the comments section, tell us how marijuana has helped your mental health over the years.

  1. Snake Bite says:

    Cannabis has had so much scientific breakthroughs in the last two decades that you almost can’t stack enough of the cons (including the false or subjective ones) to even come close to all the latest discoveries.

    I too share the same feelings for cannabis. It is my belief, that as a society, human beings were never meant to deal with the stress of our modern day situations. No other organism in the world contributes to a sentient economy. Therefore, sentient beings or not, the things that we face day to day take an unnatural toll on our bodies, our psyches and our well being. I believe that cannabis is the natural holistic remedy for this. A “mental vitamin” is a common phrase I use when describing cannabis.

    The common misconception from someone who doesn’t understand is that cannabis is not a “drug”. You don’t need shoes to run, but it certainly makes running easier… weed is the same thing. Though it is not necessary, it certainly helps day to day. Am I addicted to shoes because I chose to utilize them on a daily basis? Certainly not. Weed, again, is the same thing…

  2. a Cool Cat says:

    Weed has actually helped me get off opioids, & benzos, after being on them off, & on for most of my life! It’s such a relief to not be tied to a controlled substance, I can’t even tell you! I’m VERY thankful for that! ??

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