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Big Bang Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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Big Bang marijuana is an indica dominant strain with a high THC level, and known for its ache-relieving effects.

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Big Bang marijuana seeds are a one-of-a-kind hybrid! It’s got the funk of Skunk No. 1 and the high of Northern Lights, but it also boasts the heavy Indica effects of El Nino…and that’s just for starters! The result of these three popular strains is a bud that smells like skunk and tastes like sour fruit. But don’t let its smell and taste fool you: it’s considered a high-energy strain that makes users feel completely relaxed. Created to deliver a powerful high-energy buzz, its effects are fast in coming and long-lasting. Medical users can benefit from this strain’s ability to offer deep body relaxation and an uplifting cerebral head high

What are the effects of Big Bang marijuana?

  • Mood Enhancer
  • Relaxation
  • Happiness


Big Bang marijuana is a powerful strain that comes in at 20% THC, which makes it one of the strongest strains around! As a result, users should be careful when using this strain, because if taken too much, users can experience unpleasant narcotic effects. 


First time users of Big Bang marijuana will likely experience its intense psychoactive effects on the brain, which can be described as happy or uplifting. As its powerful Indica traits kick in, users will experience a calming sensation throughout their body and mind. This strain is named after the Big Bang theory because it delivers a similar effect—a powerful energy that starts at the head and works its way down to your toes.

What are the therapeutic benefits of Big Bang marijuana?

For those suffering from headaches, Big Bang marijuana might be the perfect answer to their problems! Big Bang is also great for patients looking to get their appetite back, as this strain is known to give you a severe case of the munchies! However, because of its sedative effects, you may not want to feel like taking the trip from the couch to the kitchen:  This is why Big Bang is also great for those suffering from insomnia!  

What does Big Bang marijuana taste like?

Big Bang marijuana is one of those strains whose scent can be difficult to describe because it’s so unique—it smells like apple and citrus, but there’s also something else there that makes it smell so sweet and delicious. The flavor is even better than the scent, as you’ll get sweet notes from both wood and chocolate when smoking this strain. This makes for an incredible aftertaste that will linger in your mouth for quite some time after smoking it!


How do I grow Big Bang marijuana seeds?

Big Bang marijuana is a great choice for growers who want to produce a massive yield from a little plant. Since this marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, it tends to grow bushy and not very tall.  It’s a great choice for indoor or outdoor growers who don’t have access to that much space, as it requires only a few square feet to produce a huge amount of buds. Hydroponics also works very well for those expert growers! 

What do Big Bang marijuana plants look like?

Big Bang marijuana is true to its Indica nature and is very bushy-like in its appearance. This short plant, once harvested, will take on the looks of small dense green buds with white hairs. Don’t let its size fool you, because the leaves tend to be huge and the buds will be heavy! 

When to harvest your Big Bang marijuana plant

If you’re not using Hydroponics, the flowering time for your Big Bang marijuana seeds should be around 9 weeks!  For marijuana, this is still pretty quick, although some may start to flower after the 8th week!  If you are flowering outdoors, expect your yield to come through by the end of September to early October!

Similar marijuana strains to Big Bang

  1. White Widow has a similar yield and harvest time. 
  2. Hindu Skunk is another short flowering time perfect for ache relief.
  3. Purple Urkle has the same level of THC.
  4. Zkittlez is also great for insomnia and stress. 

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Flowering Time

55-65 days

Cannabis Species




CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 800g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Sweet, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






8 reviews for Big Bang Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. smokingjollyroger@gmail.com (verified owner)

    I just harvested my first plant two weeks ago. Outside grow in an all organic garden in The Midwest. Short and very stout plant. i stressed the heck out of it. The buds were tight and huge, The aroma is so different than anything else that I have ever grown. Sweet, pine and fruit with a little skunk smell, but not overpowering. The taste was surprisingly fruity and pine with a nice long aftertaste of apple. The effects were just what I wanted. I got to watch what I do after this one. It gives me relief and motivation which is counterintuitive. I would say the growers skill level on this is more demanding, but just pay attention to her.

  2. BioBalance (verified owner)

    This weed explodes in my mouth and is absolutely an amazing summer project! Beautiful buds and a perfect harvest. OMG I am HOOKED! Thanks Pacific!

  3. Mia Andersen (verified owner)

    With its funky skunk aroma and sour fruit taste, this hybrid is a delight for the senses. Not only does it deliver a long-lasting, uplifting buzz, but it also offers deep relaxation for both the body and mind

  4. Lorelai Clay (verified owner)

    This is usually the strain I smoke shortly before bed. It’s been a great choice for growing in my garden. I can’t help but notice how easily it germinated, and I was honestly worried about that. I thought for sure I’d have a few dud seeds but I was thankfully wrong! 100% germination! Can you believe that? And this was my first grow! An amazing choice for my garden. I am so excited to finally be in charge of my weed life!!

  5. Matthias Webb (verified owner)

    Great for relieving stress. I always smoke this right before bed for a good night’s rest.

  6. Steven Gilmore (verified owner)

    A deeply relaxing and growing strain for stress and anxiety.
    Takes a skilled hand to master, it’s not the easiest grow, but indoor grows are generally more successful with this strain.
    5 seeds is the perfect order, ships all over the USA!

  7. Gerald Cantu (verified owner)

    We all know how the universe began….well now you can harness that power with Big Bang weed from pacific! This nug is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s soooo tasty! I love the fresh floral smell and the sour earthy flavor. Makes me think about the universe and have deep meditative thoughts. Absolutely awesome!

  8. StellarSpartan45 (verified owner)

    The customer service was impeccable, and the shipping was super fast. All of my seeds germinated and grew into healthy plants. The yield was impressive, and the effects of the strain were exactly what I needed for my stress and insomnia.

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