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Big Buddha Cheese Autoflowering Seeds

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Big Buddha Cheese is the ultimate relaxer, making you feel calm, happy, and even hungry. It’s a good idea to keep snacks and cold water around the house.

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Big Buddha Cheese is loud and in your face with its aroma. Like many Cheese strain, this hybrid smells of actual cheese — like the kind you’d buy from the store — mixed with strong notes of skunk. Some growers may find that Big Buddha Cheese is too pungent to grow indoors, especially when the grow room is your basement or laundry room. It’s easy for the smell of Big Buddha Cheese marijuana seeds to travel into your neighbor’s apartment, just a little warning.


When smoked, Big Buddha Cheese is the ultimate relaxer. This strain will ignite calming and peaceful sensations, followed by hints of happiness and glee. Just as you’ll feel yourself start to float on Cloud 9, your stomach will bring you back down to Earth. Yes, there’s a big chance you’ll feel hungry under the effects of Big Buddha Cheese. Be sure to have plenty of snacks around the house should you choose to give in to your cravings. In addition to the food, you may want to keep a glass of cold water nearby as this hybrid is known to cause cottonmouth.

Big Buddha Cheese marijuana seeds are also popular in the medical world for their ability to help ease worries and insomnia. It won’t make you pass out on the spot, but consumers often have a hard time staying awake an hour or two after smoking. Big Buddha Cheese also brings on a mild couch lock, so you really don’t want to leave the bed as you drift off to sleep.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Cheese, Skunky, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






38 reviews for Big Buddha Cheese Autoflowering Seeds

  1. LunaMystic (verified owner)

    Great way to go when you want to relax and feel so much better! Big Buddha Cheese provides me with some of the best relaxation I’ve ever felt. I’m pretty picky so if I like, you’ll like it too! You’ll also feel calm and euphoric and btw, keep the snacks around becuz you’ll have the munchies lol

  2. Juanita Vasquez (verified owner)

    This potent strain will calm your worries and bring on feelings of happiness and peace. Just be prepared for the munchies and a little cottonmouth. With its pungent aroma and ease of growth, this strain is perfect for both experienced and beginner growers alike.

  3. TokeTemplar420 (verified owner)

    This strain is a must-try for any cheese and skunk lovers out there! The customer service I received from Pacific was top-notch and all of my seeds sprouted and germinated without issue. The yield was impressive and the effects left me feeling happy and relaxed.

  4. Rafferty S. (verified owner)

    Big flowers and a cheesy flavor! Great for smoking up and giggling all night long. Helps me with stress and anxiety, and usually puts me in a very relaxed mood. Great for socializing or spending the night alone. Ordering online makes life a whole lot easier too, saves money and shipping is fast, well worth the effort!

  5. Lana Lewis (verified owner)

    This weed makes me giggle heeheehee! It is a great strain for cheering me up when I am feeling down. It has a light, lemon cheese flavor, so a little funky, but what else would you expect from the Big Buddha?? Best seeds on the internet, hands down!

  6. Jethro Salgado (verified owner)

    My doctor says I need to relax and I agree. Work is causing me a lot of undue stress on my health and family. I grew this to get myself involved in a hobby and to hopefully achieve some stress relief! I am happy to say that Bug Buddha is my new best friend. I like smoking this and watching movies and petting the cat. It’s a good way to unwind from work and spend time with the family.

  7. Karl Leblanc (verified owner)

    Makes me laugh until my sides hurt. This cheesy, fruity, spicy weed is a melange of flavor and experiences. I am VERY happy to see my weed skills finally starting to take hold. Get yours today. It’s as easy as ordering from amazon!

  8. Kaine Rayner (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and strong germination. Smaller than normal yield but high quality bud. Best online seed bank I know of.

  9. Brook Escobar (verified owner)

    Mmmm so sweet and cheesy, perfect for after-work and before dinner, so bring your appetite!

    Pacific gave me something to do over the summer. weed cultivation is a great skill and hobby.

    Scored 600 grams of fresh weed. Always gets me high!

  10. Saara Prosser (verified owner)

    If you like to laugh, and maybe you like the munchies, this weed is exactly what the doctor ordered! Big Buddha Cheese has a lovely cheesy smell and some seriously fluffy nugs, almost feels like it’s lighter than air! I smoke everyday, usually in the evening, and I prefer this strain to others due to how easy it is to grow and the hundreds of grams I get every harvest!

  11. Fraya Mellor (verified owner)

    The big buddha cheese is pretty funky and smells really good. I bought my seeds online and had them shipped to my little mailbox here in Cali. They are so CUTE in their little packaging, and they did so good in my backyard setting. I love taking care of plants, they soothe and relax me, and I gotta say, the weed is pretty stoney and delicious.

  12. Reiss Kaye (verified owner)

    So much laughter! This weed is all the best parts of mj rolled into one beautiful little bud. Sticky and smelly and perfect for joints and bongs, helps me manage my depression like nothing else. The grow was easy and uneventful, which is how it should be.

  13. Alanah Bouvet (verified owner)

    Big buddha is some fat nug, looks amazing in the sun. Makes me smile just looking at it. Feeling like a zen buddha master. Tastes cheesy, skunky, and fresh. Makes me wanna meditate, or just veg on the couch. Feeling better now. Less depressed, and more weed, please!!

  14. Emilia Thatcher (verified owner)

    I had my doubts….I thought this was a scam, I will admit, but it’s been working out beautifully and flower is beginning to form on my plant. It’s been about 4 months. I have had a lot of success though, some beautiful looking weed on the horizon. Pretty exciting times, and I will absolutely grow more, it’s just that easy to order online!!

  15. Melody Hewitt (verified owner)

    I like the weed that makes me giggle. The flavor is mild but cheesy, and the nugs are light and fluffy. Works well in your backyard, or even better in a greenhouse. These plants LOVE the sunlight, and they definitely need lots of water, so be sure not to slack on em!

  16. Shani Ingram (verified owner)

    So I decided now was the time to grow marijuana for myself cause the dispensary down the road from me closed down a little while back and I am tired of going to downtown bellevue for mj. I ordered online and instead it just shipped right to my door. I am stoked beyond reason, and I want this stuff in my life. Gotta keep growing!

  17. Tomas Stott (verified owner)

    Yes, you’ll be so relaxed you will never want to get back up. I never smoke this during the day, it makes me way too silly, and it makes me feel so chill I can’t even stand up. Guess I am ordering a pizza again LOL. Had nothing but luck this time around. The seeds were in my mailbox in a week’s time, and I was harvesting almost 5 months later exactly. Has been a truly remarkable experience!

  18. Saul Coleman (verified owner)

    The same way it all works in the fields is how it’ll work in your backyard, it’s really an easy plant to grow and I think more people should give it a try instead of buying their weed from the dispensary all the time. It’s a good buy, I promise you that, and I loooove the way it makes me feel, got that big cheese flavor and that smiling buddha vibe!

  19. Floyd Lane (verified owner)

    This weed is all kinds of cheesy goodness rolled into a blunt! I loooove smoking blunts, but I don’t like to use crappy weed!! This stuff is where it’s at, it gets me nice and stoned and it smells pretty fantastic! Ordered it online as you do, and wow this mj is truly magic, easy growing, and fast harvest and very tasty bud!

  20. burt bagrat (verified owner)

    Gosh this stuff sure is lovely. It’s so cheesy and relaxing and helps me sleep at night. It also gives me a great big belly laugh and everything just feels great about it. Ordered online, had it delivered, and now I am a king of weed. I grow right up until winter time, then I harvest everything and have a big smoke fest. Great job!

  21. dominogarren (verified owner)

    Trust me, you have never tried a weed quite like this one….if you can get past the initial growing phase, this weed does really well, and it produces a lot of flower with minimal effort, has a nice cheesy smell to it and helps me deal with my stress…honestly, I am always laughing on this weed, at some joke in my head or on TV. Good buy!!!

  22. His Story (verified owner)

    The cheesy flavor is unmistakeable. It’s amazing how nice and bright this high is….it almost makes you feel enlightened! I ordered this strain online and had it delivered to my place here in Washington. Got a nice greenhouse on my land and this stuff did GREAT! Got a massive yield and the smell of it is amazing!!!

  23. Pat Marshall (verified owner)

    I haven’t had a weed this good in years! I ordered this online and had it delivered to my home, it showed up very quickly, and the smell and taste were truly intense. I smoke it to relieve stress and anxiety and I manage my depression with it as well. It’s so nice to have this in the garden, I love its sweet and funky smell and the relaxing vibes of the buddha.

  24. Swiss Cheese (verified owner)

    We all love the big buddha cheese…it’s delicious and excellent for those who have refined weed taste buds…super chillaxing and enjoyable…absolutely a dream to grow out in the backyard…makes for some funky delicious weed…killer fun!

  25. TRIMTRIM (verified owner)

    Cheesy and delicious, always makes me laugh and smile :))) I definitely enjoy growing weed, it’s a great past time and makes for a great result. Pacific always has the best seeds for the best prices. I got my seeds delivered in under a week and they did so well I can’t believe how nicely they all germinated. It’s such a treat to have this fresh green nug in my house. Gonna buy more for sure!

  26. xxlovecakexx (verified owner)

    Yum yum, this weed is a real treat to the senses. It’s super great for smoking after work when you want some time to relax and take a load off. Has a nice cheesy taste to it…kinda gives me the munchies lol. I always order a pizza and drink some wine after smoking this weed. I swear I am in THE best mood, helps me stay positive even after a long ass day at the office. Growing your own weed really is the way to go, very fulfilling and makes me feel accomplished in my heart!

  27. Papa Smurf (verified owner)

    Nothing makes me laugh more than smoking this weed. It’s got a crazy flavor, very cheesy and pungent and strong, but delicious and very uplifting. I never thought I could grow my own marijuana, but turns out I am pretty darn good at it. I really like the way this stuff grew in my backyard, got a great yield and it only took about 4 months. It’s such a happy weed, makes me very zen. I definitely will grow again!

  28. RUNDMC (verified owner)

    No better way to relax than with the big buddha cheese. This stuff gets me wicked stoned and very giggly. I love just chilling on the couch and watching TV after work, and this weed makes every show sooooo much funnier. I loved growing this in the backyard, it was really fun to watch it get super huge and then flower into these beautiful popcorn sized nugs. I am super excited to share this with friends, I know they’ll love it too. One day I’ll have an indoor grow space of my own!

  29. greenrhino103 (verified owner)

    Get ready to laugh on this stuff. It’s some funky funny weed, and pretty easy to grow. Ordered online with PSB, was really digging their online selection, pretty darn impressive, and was really happy with how my seeds grew. Got to use my greenhouse out back and the plants did super well. Have a nice stash to work with now, I usually smoke after work with my friends, and it’s pretty darn great. Happy as can be!

  30. champagne873 (verified owner)

    This weed is just delightful! I ordered online with PSB and got my seeds delivered direct to my door. I was so impressed by how easy it was to germinate these seeds and get them to grow HUGE! I harvested nearly 600 g and am loving every smoke! It’s a very euphoric high and also really relaxing with some killer munchies, yummmmm!

  31. Dorothy Nicholson (verified owner)

    I need to laugh, I take life waaaay to seriously and this weed helps me do just that. Every time I roll a J of this weed I am laughing all night long. So much fun to smoke with friends, always good jokes all around. Fun and easy to grow with a nice cheesy smell to the bud. It’s got a funky taste too. Trust me, you’ll love it!

  32. Georgina A. (verified owner)

    I like to buy seeds from companies I trust and my friend recommended Pacific Seeds as a trustworthy company. Pacific’s been great! Good seeds for a good price. And I was excited when I saw they had big buddha cheese mj! This strain is almost a perfectly balanced hybrid – I feel both the relaxation of the indica content and the uplift of the sativa, making for a controlled euphoria feeling. It’s awesome! I’ve been searching for where to get pot seeds for awhile and so happy I’ve found PSB for my pot needs.

  33. Aniyah T. (verified owner)

    I grow my own private stash for medical smoking and Big Buddha Cheese is one of my go-tos. I’ve ordered this strain from all kinds of different sites, but this is the first place I’ve bought from where I got 5 out of 5 to pop. I’m stoked I found this place and plan to buy more seeds from here. Highly recommend Pacific and Big Buddha Cheese to all you medical growers out there.

  34. Elissa H. (verified owner)

    A great buy from a fantastic site! I’ve been growing mj for years and have yet to come across a site with as diverse a selection as PSB, super great online selection and fast delivery! This weed was the perfect addition to my collection, the plant is beautiful and tall with yellow and green nugs, and the smoke is cheesy earthy and spicy tasting, always gets me giggling and gives me the munchies HARD! So I wait till the evening to smoke and have some seriously great convos with my roommates on this stuff haha!

  35. Gary N. (verified owner)

    Yeah DEFINITELY make sure you have enough room in your garden cause this stuff stinks like crazy! Since I have a few acres in the country the smell isn’t going to bother anybody, so I grow weed to my hearts content. The name says it all, when you smoke it, it tastes like cheese, and then it makes you MAD hungry, so prepare for munchies. PLUS this weed really makes you happy and giggly, so you’ll want to chill out with your best friends. PSB has a great selection!

  36. Melodie S. (verified owner)

    The flavor and smell is enough to make me hungry before it even kicks in! Super relaxing happy and giggy-fit couch lock high! But for real though if you’re growing this in an apartment you may wanna try ordering some different seeds because this weed is stinky for sure. This is my favorite strain for relaxing and watching tv and eating snacks at the end of the day!

  37. Cecilia B. (verified owner)

    Definitely some skunky weed, smells a lot like cheese and is very pungent so watch out. That being said, very easy to grow, and my seeds got delivered on time. Love the online selection over at PSB and will definitely come back for more seeds. This weed makes you happy and giggly and BOY does it give you the munchies. Great vibes all around!

  38. Calista S. (verified owner)

    I have a lot of medical problems that require me to take a ton of medication. Every pill comes with lots of side effects and one of them is nausea and another is the fact that I don’t feel like eating ever. This strain gives me the munchies and calms my swimming stomach so that I eat something. Weed is a godsend for people like me and I’m so happy I can grow my own plants at home now. Buying these seeds again for sure!

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