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Blue Dynamite AutoFlowering Seeds

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This “wake and bake” strain is energizing enough to spring you out of bed and out the door for the day. The euphoric rush keeps you clear-headed, focused, and productive. Be advised that Blue Dynamite marijuana seeds also come with a lazy and lethargic side.

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Boom goes that dynamite! That’s what you’ll say every morning that you reach for Blue Dynamite marijuana seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. Very much a “wake and bake” strain, Blue Dynamite starts with a stimulating mental high and ends with a massive hit of energy—enough energy to spring you out of bed and out the door for the day. Blue Dynamite might be the best way to wake up as it provides mental clarity, focus, and motivation. The energetic buzz that comes from Blue Dynamite is not overwhelming or overpowering. It’s highly possible to remain mentally and physically on-track after smoking. 


As for the physical effects, those come on later and in more of a slow creeper fashion. The lazy and lethargic side of Blue Dynamite does eventually take hold of you, so it’s best to be productive in the early hours of your smoke. Otherwise, it might be too late. Blue Dynamite marijuana plants fill the room with a fruity aroma that’s a mix of blueberry and lemon. Many users compare the fragrance and effects of Blue Dynamote to the old-school classic Chronic. Some of you may remember that strain if you’ve been smoking marijuana since the 90s!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Focused, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain


Berry, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






13 reviews for Blue Dynamite AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. Tanya John (verified owner)

    Looking for the perfect wake-and-bake strain? You’ve found it with Blue Dynamite because it leaves you with an explosion of energy, giving you a fantastic rush of euphoria. However, this one isn’t all about energy and upliftment because before you know it, those properties will wane and be replaced by lethargy that will make you want to take it easy.

  2. Toby Bowman (verified owner)

    Makes my eyes water and my arms tingly….it’s really exciting weed with a harsh pepery smoke. Don’t be surprised if you burst out coughing….and then laughing!
    Fast delivery and 100% germ, not too bad!!

  3. 5TidalToucan (verified owner)

    This strain gave me a great wake and bake experience, with a euphoric rush that kept me clear-headed and focused. Not to mention, the energy boost was amazing. The lazy and lethargic side did eventually kick in, but I made sure to be productive in the early hours.

  4. Sofia Santos (verified owner)

    Has a great taste and beautiful blue color. Easily one of my favorite summertime grows, especially since it’s so dang easy. I got 10 seeds online and they shipped directly to my house. Love the fast shipping and the gorgeous bud. One of a kind, for sure!

  5. Riley Blair (verified owner)

    This is a deeply lethargic indica, puts me in a state of relaxation and easy laughter. Great for smoking with friends at the end of a long day, or on the weekend. Just throw on a movie, load up the bong and you are GOLDEN! Big green nugs, crumble between my fingers, a dream come true!

  6. BlazeBose82 (verified owner)

    Blue Dynamite is a fantastic strain for those looking to treat depression and pain. The berry, spicy, and sweet taste is a pleasant surprise with each inhale. As a beginner grower, I found this strain to be easy to grow and was impressed with the yield.

  7. Veronica M. (verified owner)

    What a fresh, energizing strain! Tastes like fresh-cut oranges and is the color of blueberries 🙂

  8. Yunus Wheeler (verified owner)

    Brew some coffee, pack a bowl of blue dyanmite, chill on my balcony with the dog. That’s my morning routine! This is a wake and bake strain to the core! It’s got that necessary energy to get me through the day! Big fan! I was actually able to grow it in a large planter right on my balcony! Nice and compact plant, very adaptable!

  9. Rudi Lowery (verified owner)

    I appreciate the weeds that wake me up and give me a lot of energy. Blue dynamite is the perfect wake and bake variety. It’s amazing colors and flavors only add to the amazing high! Who knew growing my own weed could be THIS easy!? Pacific has an exceptional strain library, with growing advice for all the novice growers out there. Very satisfied with my purchase, will return for more!

  10. Zakk Mercer (verified owner)

    Tick tock tick tock….the timer is about to go off and blue dynamite is going to explode! a Truly remarkable strain. It’s almost NEON blue in color, which is pretty alright by me. Buy yours today and experience the magic for yourself. It’s an awesome experience. Can’t believe I am finally growing my own 🙂

  11. Kaylen Smith (verified owner)

    Gotta have some blue dynamite. This stuff is POWERFUL, it blows your mind and keeps your feet firmly planted on the ground. So yeah, get stoked on this weed and have an amazing day everyone 🙂

  12. Miruna Rojas (verified owner)

    Get ready to blow your mind with blue dynamite. A nice and sweet indica strain that gets me high as all heck. I was happy to see my seeds shipped out so quickly (within a matter of days) and absolutely beautiful flower after 6 months in the ground. It’s a slow burn….but a GOOD burn. you got this, fam 🙂

  13. Amiee Haworth (verified owner)

    Get blasted on blue dynamite. This indica hybrid is a great source of comfort and ease, especially when you have had a hard day at work. Best decision I have ever made. Online ordering is fast and secure. The seeds are affordably priced, and it ships right to your doorstep! Very efficient and cost effective. Best for smoking with friends, but solo is great too. I will absolutely buy more from Pacific!!

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