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Death Star Autoflowering Seeds

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Death Star cannabis seeds are not just for Star Wars fans, but for anyone who’s looking for an indica-dominant strain with citrus and skunky notes. Death Star feminized seeds make for an excellent nighttime smoke.

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If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re probably wondering if Death Star seeds are a good weapon or a bad weapon when it comes to cannabis! A potent cross between the East Coast Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, we think this is a good weapon of defense against stress and worries, and we think you’ll agree. Death Star feminized seeds are a potent indica-dominant strain known for its relaxing and sedative effects (though it does have some sativa effects, as well), and are sure to take you to a galaxy far far away! Read on to learn more about Death Star marijuana seeds.

What are the side effects of the Death Star strain seeds?

  • Relaxation
  • Happiness
  • Sleepy
  • Euphoria

Death Star marijuana seeds are best to be left for the heavy hitters, and allow the novice smokers to watch and learn as they’ll see this is one potent and favorite strain! After a few hits, expect Death Star to give you a long-lasting high that will hit you quickly! You will feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and euphoria, followed by deep relaxation! The body high is intense and you will now see that this is a deadly weapon when it comes to knocking you out! Sleepiness will have a hold on you as you start to drift to la la land, and all your worries will be left behind as your head hits the pillow!

What does Death Star marijuana taste like?

Death Star marijuana seeds have a distinctly earthy, woody, and pungent aroma with hints of diesel and skunk. When smoked, Death Star marijuana seeds have a smooth, creamy taste with a spicy and sweet flavor profile that can leave a slightly skunky aftertaste. You will also get some citrus notes on the tongue, and the diesel flavor will stick upon inhaling! You’ll love the smoking experience of this marijuana strain.

How do I grow Death Star feminized seeds?

Although this elite strain is not recommended for novice smokers, Death Star marijuana seeds are definitely easy to grow for any beginner that wants to give it a go! This plant is similar to growing other cannabis autoflowering strains, so basic techniques are used when cultivating this weed. It requires a warm and humid environment with ample light, nutrients, and water. The plant thrives in soil or hydroponic systems and requires pruning and training to optimize its yield. You may achieve a higher yield in an outdoor climate.

What do Death Star marijuana plants look like?

And how tall do Death Star cannabis seeds get when grown indoors? Death Star marijuana plants are relatively small and bushy, growing up to 3 feet tall. The leaves are broad, dark green, and densely packed. The buds are round, dense, and covered with sticky resin, giving them a frosty appearance. The trichomes on the buds are amber in color, and the pistils are bright orange. Overall, Death Star marijuana plants have a classic indica appearance.

When to harvest your Death Star marijuana plants

And how much does Death Star yield? If you’re growing your Death Star feminized seeds indoors, the flowering times should range from 8 to 9 weeks. Indoor growers (even novice growers) should expect an average relaxed yield of about 14 ounces of bud! If you are growing your plants outdoors, an expected yield should average around 12 ounces per plant and square meter, and they should be ready somewhere in the middle of October at the latest!

Similar cannabis strains to Death Star seeds

  1. Bubba Kush is another heavy indica that will relax you.
  2. Durban Poison is a popular choice among users.
  3. Blue Cheese is another short plant that is easy to grow.
  4. Jack Herer is a powerful sativa that awakens the mind.
  5. Northern Wreck is another potent strain with high THC content.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 250 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia, Pain


Diesel, Earthy, Skunky

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






53 reviews for Death Star Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Ben Callahan (verified owner)

    I don’t know much about Star Wars, but I know I’m def a fan of Death Star. These seeds are easy to germinate and start blooming quickly. Once they flower, you get a bold, potent, in-your-face strain that’s literally the best for relaxing and de-stressing. On nights when I can’t sleep, I take a few hits, and I’m out like a light.

  2. NerdRageNinja (verified owner)

    This strain had me feeling euphoric and happy, while also providing a relaxed and calming high. The skunky and diesel flavors were unique and enjoyable. It was easy to grow and produced a solid yield. Great for those looking to treat issues such as depression, insomnia, and pain.

  3. Nebula4Narwhal (verified owner)

    Expect a long-lasting high that brings happiness, euphoria, and deep relaxation. With an earthy, woody flavor and hints of diesel and citrus, Death Star marijuana seeds offer a smooth and flavorful smoking experience.

  4. Skye Phelps (verified owner)

    I am friggin tired of mediocre weed! I needed to start growing my own. This was my first attempt at growing mj and it went great! The weed shipped out quickly and it looks awesome!!

  5. Abida Walmsley (verified owner)

    Big beautiful MJ makes this worth the 4-5 months you gotta put in to get your weed. I happen to love the process. It’s been nice having this weed just steadily growing outside. I can see it from my kitchen window, and I would check on it every day. Just 3 plants, but they are mighty! Very impressed by the yield that’s shaping up…looking to be about 500 grams, so great investment, gonna save me a ton of $$

  6. Kristofer Bryan (verified owner)

    Perfect for any time of day, death star is there to lighten your load and destroy those things in the universe that bring you down. I am happy I finally got a chance to grow my own pot…it has helped me deal with anxiety and depression, made me feel a lot lighter and more carefree and make me a more confident grower. Just WAIT till you see these amazing fluffy nuggets!

  7. Jett Murphy (verified owner)

    You know it, you love it. There’s a reason death star is one of the most grown strains in the US.

    I have been a commercial grower since 2012. Death star is always on my grow list. I buy wholesale from Pacific. They have great prices and have never let me down yet.

    Thanks for the great seeds!

  8. Maud Haney (verified owner)

    Oh baby, get ready for the rid of your life with Death Star Auto seeds!!! Nothing in the world is easier than cultivating autoflowering seeds. They basically guarantee a stellar yield and some really DANK nug!! Buying online is exactly what I needed. It’s made my weed habit turn into a passion!

  9. Krisha Cowan (verified owner)

    Oooo this was a challenging grow with some very enticing results! This weed gets my taste buds tingling and my brain feels like its snap crackle popping! Makes me feel kinda dazed and confused but for some reason I can’t sleep when I smoke too much! Watch your intake fellas and be responsible, prune your plants!!!

  10. Belinda Castro (verified owner)

    Sweet and devastating this weed is perfect for smoking in the evening when you’re ready to annihilate your stress and depression. Darth Vader has it going on if this is what he’s smoking!! You’re gonna really appreciate it’s rich and colorful nugs with great smokey flavor yay!

  11. Keiran Knowles (verified owner)

    Don’t sleep on this classic hybrid from Pacific! Death star is pretty nice and easy going. It’s the perfect weed to hit after a long day at the office, or you are trying to kick off your weekend. Bought my weed online, had it shipped to my apartment and was honestly pretty stoked about finally growing my own pot!

  12. Bogdan Escobar (verified owner)

    Had some germination issues which were resolved by soaking the seeds overnight. Sped up germination and ended up w/ 4 of 5 seeds sprouting. The smell was overpowering, impossible to enter my home without being smacked in the face with the smell of death star coming from the basement. An experiment no doubt, but a worthy one, and will definitely be buying more!

  13. Ashwin Iles (verified owner)

    Really brings back memories…Used to grow death star in my DORM room in college. Don’t tell my roommate LOL. I am happy my wife and I can grow this weed together on her dad’s property. Has been a fulfilling experience for both of us, and yielded a serious amount of pot. I’ll get some more, stop yr crying!

  14. Clifford Prentice (verified owner)

    When death star is on the table, you know you’re gonna have a good night. I LOVE growing my own pot. Seriously, it’s the best. These plants are gorgeous, they’re easy to cultivate, and they only take a few months to really take off! I harvested around 600 Gs the last time around, and I am very proud of it!!

  15. Fiza Quintero (verified owner)

    Peace and Love Brothers and Sisters! This is THE WEED GURU and I am here to tell you this Death Star strain from PSB is top notch. I order seeds from banks all across the country and this strain happens to be my favorite. Pacific has GREAT seed genetcis, especially on their autos, that ensure you have a sizeable yield and some fresh earthy bud to help you relaxxxx!

  16. Tilly Strickland (verified owner)

    If you wish to die pure ego death then death star marijuana is what you seek.

    There have been no problems growing this marijuana. It was fast to ship to my location, and it helped me manage my pain.

    I get baked a lot. Maybe I have a problem or something.

    But I think this is the best site. I will order more.

  17. Edan England (verified owner)

    This weed will have you feeling dazed and confused, having a great time doing whatever you’d be doing normally. I personally like smoking this and then going to the grocery store and wandering up and down all the aisles lol. Have been a grower since I was young. Has helped me manage my pain and stress specifically. Will definitely purchase more from Pacific seeds 🙂

  18. Paris Cortes (verified owner)

    Perfectly balanced hybrid. Makes me smile every time. I get baked and really look at myself in the mirror and that’s cool man. I like just enjoying my own features bro. I feel like a chiseled statue bro. I totally pump iron like every week man, I am getting hella strong. Gives me a good vibe man, and makes me smile like a total dope! Buy someeee.

  19. Dominika Lyon (verified owner)

    When you get hit by the death star, there’s really no coming back. This weed is made for HUUUUUGE bong rips, and some ridiculous movie on Netflix. I love getting baked on this weed with my girlfriend. It’s so much fun like every time, and the vibe is seriously chill. WE grow right here at home in our basement, and even our cats seem to like the smell lol

  20. Kane Thomson (verified owner)

    The death of my cat was a little hard for me….I needed something to fill my time and distract my mind. Got on board with some weed buying. I found this website and purchased 3 seeds. Got them into the ground right away and yeah, it might have taken a while for them to flower, but it was worth the experience. I got a few hundred grams, but I am not terribly good at growing. Still, I am smoking my own weed!!

  21. Kya Nolan (verified owner)

    The Death Star is an amazing variety of marijuana. It looks just fantastic and it helps me manage my depression really well. I ordered it online and it came in the mail one week later! Awesome VIBES makes me feel super stoked about life. I burn through this stuff like water and I get baked as all hell. Gimme dat weed man!!!

  22. Amiyah Pike (verified owner)

    I am always on the hunt for hybrids that I can smoke at any time of day. Death star really fits the bill with its nearly 50/50 split between indica and sativa. I think the best time of day for a few puffs is right after lunch. It makes the afternoon go by much faster, and it helps tremendously with stress and pain. It also makes the work day just fly by!

  23. Tadhg Dowling (verified owner)

    This weed may just nlow your mind and change the way you see things forever!!! I ordered this online and wow it showed up so fast I honestly was amazed at how quickly it shipped and then growing it went by in a flash! Such a delicious and remarkable strain that makes life sooo much more relaxing and the smell is just fantastico!!!

  24. Judah Santos (verified owner)

    I am so interested in this weed it’s literally fascinating to me. I grew it right in the backyard like a good Oregonian and all my neighbors wanted some. So I broke it down and harvested nearly 500 grams of pot and am distributing it to all my neighbors. They love it, it’s so fresh and green, what a wonderful community gift!!

  25. Cory Mcdaniel (verified owner)

    This death star weed is seriously fantastic, I love the taste and smell and I really like smoking with my friends. I will always buy from this site cause their weed is fantastic and their online selection is just off the charts amazing, and I really wanna try smoking this out of a bong and wheezing like darth vader lol!!!

  26. lewis fendi (verified owner)

    There was something very special about this grow….I was like amazed at how well my seeds did in the basement, they all grew like perfectly, no hangups, no diseases, no pests, it was like a wonderful dream, except real. The nug was fantastic too, made for a great buy when I was short on cash and I looooved smoking my own dope!

  27. Sinister Minister (verified owner)

    Death star is a very intriguing strain…you would never guess its called such a destructive name cause the feels are suuuper relaxing and good. I ordered online and got it delivered right to my place in souther Cali. Did great in the backyard. Beautiful smell and taste!

  28. Cannabis Cranks (verified owner)

    Don’t be intimidated by the name, this weed is all smiles and chill! It’s good vibes for when you’re looking to get stoned in the evening and need a nice fat joint to get the job done. I grew 3 plants right in the backyard…and you know what? They did really well out in the sunshine and the rain! I am so happy to have my own homegrown stuff, really can’t beat the flavor!

  29. ritenite576 (verified owner)

    Hold onto your hats this one is really gonna knock your socks off! Got 5 seeds from Pacific and started growing them in my greenhouse right when they arrived. They grew expertly, barely had to manage them, and I am so happy with the results. I love the taste and the smell of this stuff, so earthy and woodsy, and it gets you real high. Good buy!

  30. Galatica (verified owner)

    Yeah this weed will cause a huge interstellar black hole to open up in your brain and you’ll be floating through space for an eternity of time before returning back to earth lol. Nah, but in reality, it’s very relaxing weed, easy to grow, and offers up some pretty incredible nug after 5 months or so. It’s perfect after work when you’re cooking dinner and need some relaxation time. I definitely will buy again, even just for that fast delivery!

  31. Christian Ellick (verified owner)

    Ready to take over the universe? This weed can help. With this mix of indica and sativa, you will be on top of your game, whether it’s at work, school, or the gym. I love the way this stuff grows in my backyard. Makes for a great little gardening project. But the yield is anything but little, I got nearly 800 g of fresh nug with a beautiful gold hue. It’s very relaxing but also uplifting. Give yourself a treat you deserve!

  32. Black Hole (verified owner)

    If only Darth Vader had smoked some of this weed, maybe he wouldn’t have been so evil! This stuff is mega chill, helps me a lot with my after-work stress, and gets me in the headspace to chill out and do some writing. Plus I FINALLY got to break in my garden beds out back and this weed did really well in the warm summer sun. My fall harvest was excellent and very strong. I have enough mj to last me the winter, and since I store it properly, it’ll definitely keep fresh!

  33. Larry Laverty (verified owner)

    It’s actually a pretty mild weed despite its big name. It’s a nice, relaxing indica hybrid that helps with stress, depression and anxiety. It also stimulates my appetite and makes me feel much better when things aren’t going my way. I bought my seeds from Pacific and had the 3 of them shipped to my door here in SoCal and grew my plants in the backyard. Excellent yield and very tasty nugs. Can’t wait to share this weed with my buddies!

  34. compgeek420 (verified owner)

    Found my new favorite weed! This stuff really kicks my butt, makes me really happy but then sleepy lol. I usually smoke it after work so I don’t fall asleep at my desk. Got a nice yield off my plants, pretty impressive stuff, has great color and the flowers are really dense. Pretty stoked to share this with my roommates, I think they’ll love it, probably cause they’re big Star Wars fans

  35. Steve Y. (verified owner)

    This weed is truly awesome, lives up to its Star Wars name and I don’t say that lightly! It’s an excellent grow, especially if you have an indoor space, and it offers some amazing bud, almost 500 grams per plant! It’s tall and bushy, orange and green, and it is a very smooth and tasty smoke. Perfect for brightening your mood and helping with stress at the end of the day!

  36. Abel Newman (verified owner)

    If you’ve never tried death star, I highly recommend. And I mean that literally, I am stoned off this stuff right now! It’s been great getting to grow my own weed (first time!!!) and Pacific has a great selection to choose from. I love how nicely balanced this weed is, it’s been stellar for my stress and anxiety and has really been a solid buy on my part. Good job me!!!

  37. Layne S. (verified owner)

    Death star weed won’t help you take over the universe necessarily, but it sure will get you high! Great weed for chilling out on the couch, take one toke and watch all your worries disappear. So nice after a long day at work. The growing process was easy, even fun, and I’m not much of a grower, so that’s saying something. I plan to buy more once this haul runs out!

  38. Abby M. (verified owner)

    WOW I really feel like a supervillain on this weed lol. It is really easy to grow and offers up some of the nicest looking flower I have ever seen, The nugs are dense and green with gold dust, it’s almost like looking at the stars. When I smoke I get really relaxed and introspective, this is where I hatch my devious plans LOL just kidding. Happy I shopped with PSB, will definitely be back for more!

  39. James O. (verified owner)

    Da da da da da DA da, da da da da da DA da, duhDAH da, duhDAH da, duhDAH DA. If you can’t tell, that would be the Star Wars soundtrack that I hum to my ladies while I’m giving them their food. Their growing up big and strong and I can’t wait for their delicious buds to annihilate me like the death star. Luke I am your father!!!

  40. Mia I. (verified owner)

    Oh my god, Death Star is literally the Death Star and my head is Alderaan and it got blown away by this cannabis. I’m definitely on a different planet with 26% thc and 80% indica. I grew it indoors and had no problems, it didn’t get too tall and even though it’s autoflower I didn’t have to put too much work into the harvest. PSB ships super fast it’s like they travel at star-wars-esque lightspeed, they’re the best.

  41. Liam F. (verified owner)

    I’m kind of an indica girl myself, also a bit of a nerd haha, so this strain def appealed to me. Happy I gave it a go, not a great gardener but whatever how hard can it be to grow weed? I was pretty impressed with myself though and got nearly 300 G on my first attempt. After a long day working for the man I like to blast my negative vibes with Death Star and just like pet my cat for hours, watch a chill movie, you know, just kind of do whatever. Take HUGE rips of this from the bong and I sleep like a baby all night. Zzzzz

  42. David K. (verified owner)

    Funny story: I was introduced to the Death Star strain of marijuana at a Comi-Con cosplay star’s meet and greet. The line was massive and I was so anxious to meet her, but I smoked this and my anxiety was gone. I was cool after that, no need for security to tackle me, lol. Very happy that PSB sells this strain. My seeds came quickly and within about five weeks I had some buds. Very easy for a novice grower.

  43. Emmanuelle M. (verified owner)

    Bug Star Wars fan (of course) and love to smoke weed, so thought “perfect!” and ordered online. Heck yeah, these plants make for great bud, grew them right in my backyard, luckily I have a ton of space cause this bud is stanky!! Not much for doing stuff when I’m stoned, mostly just like watching movies, so this indica has been my jam! Def gonna come back for more. Pew Pew!

  44. Fred H. (verified owner)

    This bud for sure is not discreet. Not for someone with a secret grow space. Know what I mean? This’ll stink up your whole place up to high heaven. BUt if you don’t mind the smell, and you’re interested in a seed that germinates quick and grows super fast, Death Star is your friend. Gave mine lots of nutrients and was glad I did. Also used a screen of green to help them out. Good yield and awesome high. Thumbs up!

  45. Brent P (verified owner)

    A good choice if you’re looking for both mental and physical effects. I found this to work best earlier in the day, as a couple times it’s kept me up at night. But overall it’s got a nice balance. Ordering is real simple, delivery time was decent. No problems with growing. Thanks!

  46. Trevor T. (verified owner)

    For a weed with a name like death star you’d think this stuff would obliterate you, but it turns out it’s a very chilled out weed, mostly indica with just a hint of sativa action. You won’t be destroying planets, but you might polish off a bowl and chill out in front of the tube and watch your favorite SW movie. I’m pretty happy with how the grow went, got nearly 300 g and it has lasted for some time, plus the plant smells nice and earthy, a good addition to the backyard!

  47. Ashlee T. (verified owner)

    I’m careful about what cannabis I smoke when, I dont want to be stuck on the couch some morning I have to go to work after inadvertently smoking a “downer” strain. This strain you could smoke in the morning or at night. It didn’t make me feel too sleepy and need to stay on the couch all morning but also didn’t make me feel too restless. Instead, it made me feel relaxed and happy. I was also very pleased with the high yield for this strain, the buds were nice and full.

  48. John L. (verified owner)

    How did they get the mix of this mj so right??? Death Star is a hybrid weed and honestly the strain walks right down the line of a europhic high and a chill, relaxing vibe. This is a “smoke anytime” weed; it won’t give you couchlock and it won’t send your head into the clouds either. Very pleased with the high yield I got from growing DS and was harvesting it in nine weeks. I will buy more from PSB soon!

  49. Bob T. (verified owner)

    This weed starts off light and then just annihilates you, just like the mutherfn Death Star. BOOOOOOM SON. You get all kinds of relaxed with this high. I want me some more. Grew my batch indoors and they took off crazy quick. SUper fast harvest! Had weed in like a day. Good yield too. Highly recommend, the high treats you right and it doesn’t take much to get you there. Fast shipping .A++++++++

  50. Fred J. (verified owner)

    I’ll skip the “disturbance in the Force” jokes and get to the good stuff: This is excellent pot. The buzz is perception-altering; effects are not unlike a mild psilocybin experience. Not quite hallucination-inducing, but a strong psychoactive component. Def. a high-THC type weed. I dig it.

  51. Sydney M. (verified owner)

    Was having trouble convincing my boyfriend to order seeds online (he’s paranoid about that kind of shit) but once I found something about Star Wars he finally agreed. I don’t care about the reference, but what I do care about is how well this weed tackles stress and anxiety. He’s a pretty high stress guy (hence the paranoia) and this just mellows him the hell out, which is excellent for us to relax at night because he can finally sleep. As for me, I just like to smoke, and it’s pretty damn great for that too.

  52. Adrian Y. (verified owner)

    Pleased that PSB could deliver quality cannabis seeds to where I am in the middle of nowhere in Western Canada. The delivery was even faster than I expected, actually.
    I know that like everyone loves the death star pot strain but to me, it didn’t live up to the hype. The high was pretty decent, I’ll admit, but it took forever to hit me. And the taste is a bit skunky for me, like I need a breath mint after using it. Or five breath mints is more like it! I know I’m the unpopular opinion here, but I gotta say what I gotta say and Death Star just isn’t the shit. For me, anyway.

  53. Tiffani U. (verified owner)

    I went out on a limb and ordered 10 of these babies, hoping that everything I’ve heard about Pacific is true. I got 9 out of 10 to germinate, so that pretty much backed up the rumors that these are good seeds. I’ve been pretty stoked to grow my own mj ever since weed was legalized in Canada. I’ve been buying from a bunch of different sites, but I like Pacific’s selection and you get almost all of your seeds to pop so its a good deal.

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