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Grilled Cheese Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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The comfort and joy that a freshly made grilled cheese sandwich provides can also be enjoyed with the cannabis strain of the same name.

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Who doesn’t love a classic, comforting grilled cheese sandwich? The cannabis strain that is known by the same name tends to have more indica-leaning effects, and it was originally created as a cross between Cheese Quake and Gupta Kush. This strain can be counted on to provide a happy sensation that builds up slowly and steadily.

With Grilled Cheese, the mind will first begin to feel light and free, giggly and full of joy. As euphoric sensations set in, some users may even find that they are able to become more productive and focused with this strain. Then, after a bit of time passes, the body will also start to feel the relaxing, though still functioning, effects of Grilled Cheese. And, yes, you may even want to make yourself an actual grilled cheese for when the munchies set in.

This strain isn’t typically one that is exclusively used for medicinal purposes by users, but when it is, it can provide relief from stress, worries and depression, as well as issues with appetite.

Additional information



Flowering Time

55-65 days

Cannabis Species




CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Social

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Appetite, Depression, Pain


Cheese, Earthy, Peppery

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






7 reviews for Grilled Cheese Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Alejandro M (verified owner)

    Grilled Cheese Autoflowering Feminized Seeds offer a delightful cannabis strain with indica-leaning effects. This strain provides a slow and steady build-up of happiness and euphoria, making users feel light, giggly, and productive. The relaxing effects eventually kick in, and the strain is also known to increase appetite.

  2. Kieran Lam (verified owner)

    The name says it all! This strain is like a delicious sandwich for your mind and body. The high is a melty and satisfying experience, melting away stress and leaving you feeling relaxed and content. Growing this strain was a treat, just like enjoying a gooey grilled cheese. The earthy and peppery taste is the perfect complement to its comforting effects, making it a top choice for treating appetite, depression, and pain.

  3. Irvin Villanueva (verified owner)

    Everbody loves grilled cheese!! I like this nug cause it’s truly nice and easy to grow and has a funky cheesy flavor. It’s a decent hybrid, usually keeps me feeling light and bubbly, and generally keeps me smiling. Has been useful for battling my depression….but it’s not a cure-all. Fresh MJ, nothing like it. Thanks for the memories, maybe I’ll be back next year.

  4. Domenic Huber (verified owner)

    This strain has a nice relaxing high to it, feels great when trying to deal with down moods or moments, and has a nice earthy taste to it. I also really like how fast this strain will flower, took only 8 weeks and I had some nice buds. I got a full germination from this as well and I was thoroughly happy with the quality of my seeds.

  5. Shaun Garcia (verified owner)

    Yummm Grilled Cheese! This weed is awesome! I am so happy about the fresh yields, the impressive color, and the cheesy smell. It really brings on the munchies and inspires comfort food cooking like nothing else. I do love me some seeds from pacific. They always source from the best places! Northern Cali is definitely the BEST place to get weed seeds. Luckily they ship all over the USA and Canada!

  6. Feador the Eros (verified owner)

    Grilled Cheese is an exceptional strain with a high yield and cheesy flavor. It helps that my go-to munchies is a fresh, homemade grilled cheese 😉

    10 seeds for a little over $100. Fats delivery and even germination (after soaking). One of my favorite summertime grows.

  7. Damian Vinson (verified owner)

    This weed has a nice cheesy smell to it and a light, nostaligc high. Great for late-night smoking, for beating a hangover, or for taking a long walk with the dog. Not an expert on growing weed, but definitely a true believer in this product. Pacific seeds has excellent choices! I highly suggest smoking this with friends, and growing outdoors for that fresh cheesy smell in the yard. Ahhhhh 🙂

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