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Jawa Pie Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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Complex in fragrance and effects, Jawa Pie marijuana is a heavily indica hybrid that boasts a boosted THC content and the abillity to deliver both clarity and physical relaxation in one fell, delicious swoop.

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Pie is not for everyone, but Jawa Pie marijuana will turn even the staunchest critics of (the idea of) this pastry into bliss-filled fans. 

With an aroma/flavor profile that is somewhat difficult to nail down – Jawa Pie marijuana boasts notes of lime, buttery shortbread, herbs, and menthol, this indica-leaning strain starts by lifting the mood and, in many cases, increasing focus and energy, before fading into a warming sedation that will leave you ready and wanting your bed. At its height, Jawa Pie can feature an impressive 20% THC, and while predominantly euphoric, its deep olive green nugs and thick coating of crystals have been known to ease worries, cramps, and sleeplessness. 

Jawa Pie marijuana seeds require some care in cultivation, and low-stress training techniques may help boost the eventual harvest. It takes 8 to 9 weeks of flowering for this fragrant and appealing strain to reach maturity, but Jawa Pie is well worth the wait. 

Additional information



Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Focused, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Cramps, Pain


Menthol, Citrus, Herbal

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






12 reviews for Jawa Pie Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Zachary Acosta (verified owner)

    I save this one for special occasions because it’s quite potent and will give you some effects that can be outside of what many smokers know about. It can feel a bit psychedelic and trippy, so plan on being at home and not having anything to do. After a few times, you’ll get more comfortable with it, so start off slow!!

  2. Dmitri Smirnov (verified owner)

    All the seeds germinated successfully and produced healthy plants. Jawa Pie is an indica-dominant strain that offers a complex fragrance and a potent THC content. It starts with a mood-lifting and energizing effect, before transitioning into a calming sedation. This strain is great for worries, cramps, and sleeplessness.

  3. Mariah Yang (verified owner)

    The high is absolutely euphoric, leaving me focused and relaxed. It’s perfect for easing cramps and pain. The taste is a refreshing combination of menthol, citrus, and herbal notes. Overall, Jawa Pie is a delicious and enjoyable experience!

  4. Deon Potts (verified owner)

    Definitely not your everyday strain….has a very unique aroma, kind of smells like papaya or mango and has a sour, bitter taste.

    The buzz is light but surreal…It’s all so bizarre. I like how woozy and wonky it makes the world feel, like a strong edible would or a very light dose of mushrooms.

    Growing at home saves me a lot of money, and the results speak for themselves!

  5. Nia Marsh (verified owner)

    Interested in growing weed but don’t know where to start? Jawa Pie was my first experience growing mj, and I gotta say, it’s pretty grand!
    I had an excellent experience in the garden, growing these seeds and watching them flourish. It’s absolutely incredible having this nug in your life. It tastes like caramel and sour candy….had a deeply relaxing energy, certainly an indica with upwards of 20% THC, you can’t go wrong!

  6. BudBrigadier420 (verified owner)

    I enjoy Jawa Pie for a nice mellow body high, with a smooth menthol taste to it. I was very satisfied with the quality of seeds from Pacific Seed Bank too, fast shipping, and full germination!

  7. HydroHarvestHaven (verified owner)

    I happen to be a pretty stressed out person. I just am very anxious on a regular basis. That’s where Jawa Pie comes in.

    My friend bought these as a present for my bday in May. I decided it would just be fun to grow at home and see how it turned out. My BF didn’t do much to help me lol, I was basically growing alone, but it was a good experience and I learned a lot.

    500 G from my first grow….not too shabby and helps with my anxiety!

  8. Lillie J. (verified owner)

    Somehow this weed both smells and tastes like a fresh Danish…filled with cherry jam. It’s delightful and usually gives me a light, uplifting high. It’s never easy growing your own weed, there’s always some element of challenge involved, but this has been serving me pretty well, and the auto-flowering seeds make it much easier to manage when I am away at work or out of town.

  9. Marlon Russo (verified owner)

    Oooo this is a complex and magic strain that eliminates pain and stress like nothing else. It was a challenging grow, had some slight issues with germination but once I chilled out on the watering these seeds popped and grow very quickly! They require pruning and regular watering, so hey! You got nothing to LOSE!

  10. Jacques Harmon (verified owner)

    The smooth and sweet taste of jawa pie is exactly what your taste buds have been asking for! I am so thrilled I can finally order my own mj seeds online and literally just grow them at home! I have become a weed snob after growing these high-quality strains one after the other.

  11. Aqeel Philip (verified owner)

    Hmmmm, I am trying to find the words to describe the flavor of this weed, and I am falling short! Jawa Pie is SUPER unique, and it boasts a very serious flavor profile. The results are pretty impressive, and the flower is sometimes as large as my hand! ALL my friends were super impressed. It’s been a great weed to bring around to parties hehehe

  12. Mischa Mcfarland (verified owner)

    Used to live in tropical region of Indonesia, Java. This weed is a tropical staple. Grows great in hot, humid environments and keeps me interested in being outdoors during the summer. Best when getting baked with friends, this weed is all kinds of beautiful. Smoke it and toke it till ya cant stop. Pacific is the best place to buy seeds online!

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