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OG Diesel Kush AutoFlowering Seeds

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OG Diesel Kush is pungent and potent – at 19% THC, the indica-dominant hybrid is the perfect strain for kicking up your feet and relaxing.

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OG Diesel Kush is a fine example of a heavy hitting hybrid that even first-time consumers will enjoy, though it’s pungent skunk and diesel aroma may be slightly off-putting, even when it’s balanced by a sweet note of citrus fruit. 


Averaging around 19% THC, OG Diesel Kush is not a cannabis strain for the faint of heart. This is the marijuana you enjoy when you are ready to kick your feet up and relax, as its indica genetics win the race for strongest effects. It may take about half an hour to kick in but once it does your body is tingling and your limbs are heavy – couch-bound you will be. Stock up snacks beforehand, you won’t want to budge from your spot, which is one of the reasons this strain has been popular among patients with insomnia.


OG Diesel Kush marijuana plants grow up into medium height plants that require a little more and attention than some of our easier growing strains, so they are better suited to gardeners with intermediate experience cultivating cannabis. After nine or so weeks in the flowering stage, you’ll have a moderate crop of seriously sticky OG Diesel Kush icky for your medicinal or recreational enjoyment.

Additional information



Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Energetic, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Diesel, Fruity, Skunky

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






14 reviews for OG Diesel Kush AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. VoidWizard (verified owner)

    Nobody can resist OG Diesel Kush. It’s a classic for the following reasons
    • Pungency
    • Potency
    • Relaxing
    • Fast-acting
    This stuff kicks in within half an hour and will punch you in the face with its skunkiness and pungency. You’ll love how tingly your body feels as this strain takes over. You’ll have the munchies so get your snacks ready and enjoy the ride!

  2. Earth4Eagle (verified owner)

    I recently grew OG Diesel Kush AutoFlowering Seeds and had a great experience. All of my seeds germinated successfully, and the plants grew into medium-sized plants with sticky, forest green nugs. The flowering period took about nine weeks, and the end result was a moderate crop of seriously sticky OG Diesel Kush.

  3. PrismaticPainter28 (verified owner)

    It gave me a fantastic high that was both creative and energetic. The plants were medium in size and grew well both indoors and outdoors. The taste was a delightful mix of diesel, fruity, and skunky flavors. The only downside was that it required intermediate growing skills, but overall, it was a great experience.

  4. Charlee Lamb (verified owner)

    TGIF my friends! I am writing to let you know my OG diesel Kush is just as fresh as the day I harvested it. It’s delicious, uplifting, and really fresh. I had a friend come over and we both harvested together! It was a fun experience but it messed up my pruning shears pretty bad LOL.
    Either way, I am really excited to have this MJ in the yard, smells strongly of diesel and the flower develops in dense colorful clusters. A BIG yield and a fresh taste, you really can’t beat that!

  5. Aria Hernandez (verified owner)

    Maybe OG Diesel Kush is the best strain I have ever grown? I been a hobbyist grower for many years. Getting some really nice grows out of these seeds. Perfection has a price but Pacific keeps it LOwwww. Thanks for the awesome seeds and customer service for the great advice. Love actually talking to people when I pick up the phone lol

  6. Hyper Hedgehog (verified owner)

    This strain is a great hybrid that gives a good balance of energy and happiness without making me feel too jittery or anxious. The buds are nice and dense, and the smell is great. Growing this strain was not particularly difficult and the yield was satisfactory. Highly recommend it for a mid-day pick-me-up.

  7. Elijah Davis (verified owner)

    This diesel kush MJ is super fresh and tasty and PUNGENT! I love buying online, makes my life soooo much easier and the weed is better than ANYTHING you can buy in stores!
    500 G from my harvest and it’s fresher than ever 🙂

  8. kellygoodwin11 (verified owner)

    Got myself some really nice-looking bud from this strain. It’s a classic Diesel grow, usually requires a fair bit of room to get it just right, and it helps t have an indoor grow space. Outdoor growing is definitely possible, but idk I feel like weed seeds have become so genetically specific that they require equally specific growing conditions only provided by indoor growing spaces. Diesel is one of those strains. If yr able to make the upfront investment its a worthy product and a fresh taste. Smells like crazy. Good buy though!

  9. Riaan Donald (verified owner)

    I am a NYC grower. I have a small space on my rooftop for cultivation. I cleared it with the landlord and neighbors. I am trying to take advantage of marijuana’s new legality in NYC. I am having great success with Pacific seeds, specifically Diesel strains. Something about the diesel smell really indicates east coast energy to me. Nice to know our brothers on the west coast are willing to ship out to us here on the other shore!

  10. Fahad M. (verified owner)

    Daaaaaaamn! OG Diesel kush has ALL the right vibes. I buy online to simply save time and save money. Weed-growing is an ART! It takes time, skill, practice. It’s also EXPENSIVE, especially getting set up for an indoor grow. The best way to save money and still grow your own pot is to rely on Pacific seeds for some great cannabis seeds and other information. This site is like an online hub for all pot growers. It makes everything easier! I was able to harvest a few hundred G for myself. Looks good.

  11. Gregory Guthrie (verified owner)

    I thought the smell and flavor of this weed was really complex. Took some getting used to! Pungent diesel smell mixed with skunk….but those sweet citrus notes really balance it out at the end. Burning through this weed faster than expected. After all, it’s hard to resist these tight, orange and green nugs! Happy I was able to buy from pacific. Trust them now.

  12. Saba Farrell (verified owner)

    OG Diesel was on my grow list for ages, but I could never find the seed anywhere! Glad I was recommend Pacific by a friend. Online seed selection is out of this world! Ordered the diesel right away and it’s been growing for the last 3 months. Almost harvest time!!

  13. Libby Sanford (verified owner)

    May not be the highest yielding strain, but it definitely hits ya where it matters…in the brain! Purchased this stuff online, just like my friends suggested, and I gotta say I am pretty stoked about it. The energy is smooth, relaxing, great for afternoon fatigue, and usually this stuff just cares for itself in the garden. Beware this strain is PUNGENT and it may get you in trouble at work 😉 I gotchu fam.

  14. Nida Montgomery (verified owner)

    When OG Diesel is on the dial, you know you’re in for a powerful vibe with hours of stress relief and relaxation. Early harvest can be expected for spring growers, looks best in the full sun, lots of water needed to care for these plants. Smells amazing, gives me chills every time I smoke. Couldn’t be happier.

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