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Silverback Gorilla AutoFlowering Seeds

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Stocky but strong, Silverback Gorilla marijuana is the pungently sweet, sleep-inducing indica-hybrid you’ve been dreaming of.

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In the wild, a Silverback Gorilla is a sight to behold – a gentle yet powerful, untouchable creature that has fascinated our species for decades. Silverback Gorilla marijuana is not unlike the beast its named for, a dank, potent cannabis with strong indica traits. 


Stress and insomnia are no match for this indica hybrid, which benefits from flavorful and THC-rich parents. Trichome dusted buds offer up a musky and piney scent that is aromatic and pleasant. After a few puffs, fast-acting Silverback Gorilla marijuana will put a smile on your face but have your mind slowing down in preparation for sleep. Strictly for nighttime, when Silverback Gorilla is on the menu, make sure there’s nothing else on your plate. 


Given its status as an indica, and the heartiness of its parents, Silverback Gorilla is considered an easier strain to cultivate, making it a must-try for beginner gardeners looking for something a little more potent than the average marijuana seed. Bushy plants and silvery leaves require moderate tending to guarantee adequate air circulation, but your Silverback Gorilla marijuana buds should be ready for harvest within 7-9 weeks of flowering.

Additional information


Growers Lab

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Grape, Spicy

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






15 reviews for Silverback Gorilla AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. Tyler B. (verified owner)

    Powerful like its namesake, this one is gonna smack you upside the head LOL It’s pungent yet aromatic and will help you drift off into slumber land. When I just can’t fall asleep, I reach for this and it always does the trick.

  2. Bethany Perry (verified owner)

    Not for the faint of heart. This weed is all kinds of awesome. It has a smooth texture and flavor, a great smoking sesh all around. Gives me a BIG yield too everytime I grow it. Never had any problems!!! It;s such a huuuge achievement. I feel so accomplished, especially after all the pruning and shaping I did. It’s like a totally awesome grow, just never lets me down and gets me high for months at a time.

  3. Tabitha Francis (verified owner)

    Suppppp? Silverback gorilla is an awesome grow. Definitely one of my faves. I have been cultivating MJ for a long time, longer than I can remember. It’s been a hobby for many years, I really trust Pacific with all my seed need. They by far have the best selection, pretty awesome customer service on hand and good, free growing advice on their blog section. It’s a small but much-needed community!!

  4. Carlos Ramírez (verified owner)

    Silverback Gorilla AutoFlowering Seeds are the epitome of strength and relaxation. With its pungently sweet aroma and potent indica traits, this strain effortlessly combats stress and insomnia. The trichome-dusted buds offer a musky and piney scent that is both aromatic and pleasant.

  5. Bella Delacruz (verified owner)

    An intense and silvery strain that helps a good deal with stress. It hits HARD, and is pungent, making any room in the house smell skunky and fresh. If you need some expert growing advice, look no further than the blog they have on this website. VERY helpful growing advice for anyone looking to expand their weed reach in the world.
    Pacific is making it possible for homegrowers to really take control of where their seeds come from!

  6. Zephyra Davidson (verified owner)

    I like this weed cause it’s been mostly very easy to work with. I live in southern New Mexico (weed is legal here) and we grow right outside in the hot desert sun. Difficult to come up with good weed seed out here, so buying online is really the only way to guarantee a great yield. 5/5 stars for Pacific, and their reliable customer service!

  7. Wraith4Caster (verified owner)

    This is such a powerful strain, no wonder they named it after a massive mammal! This hybrid scores a 10/10 in my book, it is a challenging grow, but the flower (streaked with reds and silver) is absolutely gorgeous and alluring. Give me some more of this weed, and these seeds, an I am a happy man for life. Good purchase, and just right, just for me! Awesome product with fast, reliable shipping. Yuh!

  8. Grace O’Neill (verified owner)

    This strain is a powerhouse. It hits hard and fast, and it’s perfect for those who want a deep sense of relaxation. What’s more, it’s easy to grow, making it ideal for beginners. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a potent strain that’s easy to handle.

  9. Fews1992 (verified owner)

    This is one beuatiful strain of marijuana. I smoke silverback gorilla on my days off when I am generally napping or walking the dog. Super relaxing, keeps me in a catatonic state of mind. Don’t recommend working or driving on this strain, but it sure is a good time. Great product!

  10. ChenChenChen (verified owner)

    Oh baby! Silverback gorilla was a fun strain to grow at home. It definitely requires an INDOOR environment for the best yields possible. Buying online is easily the best way to grow and experience MJ for yourself. Their online catalog is crazy huge. They ship anywhere in the USA too! I know I have a reliable weed seed partner wherever I move!

  11. Mark Navarro (verified owner)

    The silverback gorilla is your new best friend. I like this weed cause it’s basically a sleeping pill. It’s beautiful deep green nugs with silver hairs make me think I am on Mars and harvesting weed in a Post-Earth humanity. Such an awesome time, with great weed at the end. You cannot be sad about having great weed in the backyard!

  12. Usaamah Mayer (verified owner)

    This weed might put your to sleep or it might get you AMPED! It’s really a mixed bag!! I got my seeds online and had them shipped to my apartment in San Diego. Got a BIG rooftop garden I can use and my landlord doesn’t care! Gotta love Cali growing and high-end living fellas!

  13. Mercy Wicks (verified owner)

    Delightfully pungent, great for insomnia. The perfect “sleeping pill” not for day use!!

  14. Kailum Mohammed (verified owner)

    Dang this weed is like my new best friend. It’s suuuuper refreshing, has a deep earthy pine scent, almost minty! I loved growing my own pot! Took 5 days for germination but was so excited to see them pop!

  15. Annika Rasmussen (verified owner)

    Silverback gorilla helps me stay cool and fresh all throughout the day. I love its sweet, earthy flavors, and how easy it is to roll into joints! Such an awesome buy, makes me feel right as rain. I love the silver colors, and the green too. It’s an excellent grow, and it’s easy to find online, but here is where I choose to shop, the prices are best over here.

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