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Sin City Kush Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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Despite what its name implies, Sin City Kush is a great choice for nights when you feel like spending a relaxing evening at home rather than tearing up the clubs on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Luckily for all of us, you don’t need to plan a trip to Las Vegas to enjoy the heavy indica of Sin City Kush and the sleepy, weighted high that comes along with it. Much like the end of the night in Vegas, Sin City Kush’s high might sneak up on you, allowing a few minutes to pass before making its effects known.

By around the ten to fifteen minute mark, users may feel some tightness around their forehead, accompanied by a flush in the cheeks and the feeling of an increase in the amount of saliva in their mouths. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Sin City Kush smokers to note a few distortions in their senses, either visually or auditorily. Users shouldn’t expect to get much in the way of productivity from an evening spent with Sin City Kush.

About an hour after ingesting Sin City Kush, users will start to feel weighed down and ready for relaxation on the couch. When used by medical cannabis patients, Sin City Kush can often soothe issues like stress and worries. Though it is not guaranteed, this strain can also lead to a great night’s sleep, though that’s certainly in contrast to what its name implies!

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 250g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms


Berry, Flowery, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






10 reviews for Sin City Kush Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Jovan Rhodes (verified owner)

    Heavy, sleepy, tiring Indica kush. Like, I really like the weed and recognize its quality, but I cant handle this 20% THC, it just puts me to sleep loooool.

    I’ll order from pacific again cause they’re a great company but a different strain next time please 🙂

  2. Mia Rodriguez (verified owner)

    An exceptional grow….one of my favorite summer grows…..usually takes about 2 weeks to germinate….can be a very fickle and risky process.
    If you have a green thumb at all, then get your hands on this seed. The amazing smells and tastes are just phenomenal and better than anything I can find at the dispensary. It’s always been a great choice and this is my 3rd summer working with Pacific seeds!

  3. Shweta K (verified owner)

    Its indica-dominant effects gradually kick in, creating a soothing and tranquil experience. With its potential to alleviate stress, Sin City Kush is a go-to strain for a peaceful evening. This easy-to-grow hybrid delivers a sweet and fruity aroma, making it a delightful choice for marijuana enthusiasts.

  4. Micah Robbins (verified owner)

    Feeling….sinful? Why not INDULGE in some sin city kush this summer?
    I have been a hobby grower for a long time. I have TONS of tips and tricks on how to produce the very best weed.
    Sin city is suuuuper easy to cultivate, just ensure that they have enough sunlight, water, and occasionally some organic fertilizer.
    They do require some pruning, and shaping, but you will LOVE the harvest with it’s dense colorful flower clusters!

  5. BudBrawler710 (verified owner)

    Sin City Kush is a great strain for those who need some serious relaxation. It has a heavy body high that will melt away your worries and leave you feeling euphoric and sleepy. The berry and flowery taste is a nice touch, too.

  6. Casey R. (verified owner)

    Beautiful fresh nug with an incredibly sour flavor. Tastes like…tastes like SIN! Germination was 100% on my seeds and they grew fast! WOW 😮

  7. Renesmee Ruiz (verified owner)

    Yeehaw! This weed is all about being active….going out on the town….doing what you love!

    Pacific shipped these seeds fast! And all the way to Nevada. This is powerful! Such a win for the postal service.

    Thinking about buying 10 seeds next time, and sharing with friends and fam!

  8. Jessica Buxton (verified owner)

    Maybe you have lived your life like a saint, but everyone deserves a little bit of SIN every once in a while. Sin City kush is just right for us west coast growers. It loves the hot dry summers in California, and if you have an indoor grow space you can start growing in the early months of winter for a late spring harvest! It’s a very high-quality strain, and it’s a powerful indica that helps with stress and anxiety. Smoke it before bed!

  9. Hester Taylor (verified owner)

    Feeling sinful? Sin city kush has your back! Best tasting hyrbid indica I have tried in a while. It’s fresher and tastier than any I have bought in the store in ages. Plus it’s easy to grow and makes for an awesome hobby. You have NOTHING to los!

  10. Brogan Rutledge (verified owner)

    The sin is real, and the kush does not lie. An absolutely gorgeous marijuana strain, with trichomes for days!! I love the dank, sticky nug, the flower that fits in my palm, and everything you could ever want!

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